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Published at 06/28/2011 00:50:35

Americans have a record of taking more pills in comparison to most other countries and one finds a wide range of medicines available at drugstores, pharmacies and even at the grocery shops too. Mostly the medicines can be divided into two types: drugs available with prescription and non-prescription drugs like painkillers and so on.

The common medications can be got anywhere in the pharmacy or grocery stores without any prescriptions too. But the prescription drugs can be obtained by pharmacies or registered drugstores only. The laws on prescriptions are very strict and many medicines like antibiotics or codeine, must be prescribed by a doctor in the USA. In the US of America the opening hours of pharmacies (drugstores) are similar to other shops: 9am to 9pm, seven days a week. Moreover for emergencies there are some pharmacies allotted to be open for 24 hours. American healthcare system is very competent and advanced, but also very expensive. The American healthcare system is huge and one finds drugstores everywhere, even in the remotest areas of the country.

The first drugstore of America has always been a topic of many debates but one in New Orleans in 1823 was considered to be the first one. There are many drugstores for Americans and they are stuffed with all the latest medicines and pharmaceutical products. At the same time, prescription drug prices are skyrocketing in the United States, rising much faster than the rate of inflation. As per the records in 2005, Americans spent $252 billion itself on the prescription drugs.

Some of the agencies help individuals and the government to use their power to negotiate lower drug prices by creating prescription drug-buying pools at the state and multi-state level.

The main function of the chain drugstores is to assist the people with their healthcare needs. Moreover they not only efficiently and safely dispense the medicaments but they also offer preventive healthcare services including immunizations, vaccinations, disease management services and also routine advice also for the best and most effective over-the-counter products for the patients specific needs. Hence the americans are quite dependent on the drugstores for their medical needs and hence the drugstores are a very important part of the social network.Nowadays trends have changed and individuals depend largely on the online pharmacies and hence order the medicaments from products available online. Moreover online Canadian drugstores are also finding an important place in providing prescription drugs to cater the needs of the Americans.

Hence, though there are lot of drugstores filled with all sorts of prescription and non-prescription medicaments, it is said to be mostly for the well-to-do and sparse or even non-existent for the poor and unemployed.

Tips and comments:

The medicines and treatment are agreeably one of the world's best in the USA, but it all comes with a heavy price tag. Hence it is extremely important to have full healthcare insurance, or a serious illness could lead to a financial disaster.

Above all these, the drugstores for Americans have a very strict policy regarding the prescription drugs and hence proper prescriptions are required for the medicaments.

So the drugstores for Americans are full of all the latest medicaments and high quality drugs but they exist for the people who can really afford it.