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Street drugs story

Published at 06/26/2011 00:45:41

A street drug is a substance that is often illegal and causes undesirable physical and psychological effects to those who ingest it for pleasure and mind-altering experiences. Because these chemical substances are non-prescription, drug users can often resort to unsavory activities in order to make their purchases. Called street drugs because of the place where drug transactions can usually occur, these substances come in a variety of forms. From alcohol and barbiturates to cocaine and marijuana, there are abundant sources for the sell and distribution of street drugs throughout the world. By understanding their toxicology, effects, and symptoms of use, people can learn how to avoid the damaging consequences of using street drugs.

Four popular street drugs are alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, and benzodiazepenes. Alcohol is a social and street drug of choice for many users. It takes effect in the human body very quickly—within 24 hours of consumption. Yet, alcohol is known to cause poor judgment as well as loss of memory. Physical effects of this drug include: slurred speech and loss of motor coordination. Amphetamines are commonly called bennies and take 48 to 72 hours to induce a feeling of being high in the user. Although some users feel good after taking this drug, later they can become irritable, restless, and panicky. Physically, a person on amphetamines will be prone to heart attacks or kidney failure. Barbiturates or downers are another drug that can make the user feel good for a short period of time. However, high doses of this drug can cause paranoia and thoughts of suicide. Benzodiazepenes, which are also known as roofies or Valium, are drugs that make users feel energized, aggressive, and uninhibited. In addition to causing negative physical effects, such as memory loss and headaches, these drugs can create life-threatening withdrawal symptoms due to seizures.

Five of the most notorious street drugs are cocaine, LSD, marijuana, opiates, and PCP. Cocaine or crack can be detected in the human body within 48 to 72 hours after use. Even though users can feel euphoria, they can ultimately develop psychological problems, like psychosis, paranoia, and antisocial behavior. Also, cocaine users can develop physical maladies, such as high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks. During withdrawal, cocaine users tend to have intense physical cravings and can develop delusions of grandeur. LSD or acid is another deadly street drug because it has the capability to cause bad “trips.”  These bad trips involve feelings of paranoia and panic. Moreover, LSD users go through terrible physical effects that include sweating, chills, and nausea.

Perhaps, the most popular street drug is marijuana. Also, known as hash, pot, and weed, marijuana creates the psychological effects of poor judgment and memory impairment, despite initial feelings of euphoria. In terms of physical effects, marijuana users typically have increased blood pressure and pulse as well as increased appetite (munchies) and dizziness. Marijuana users go through difficult periods of withdrawal that are characterized by insomnia and irrability. Next, opiates (e.g., codeine and morphine) relieve pain and induce sleep in users. Physically, users of these drugs experience decreased respiration and even nausea. The withdrawal symptoms of opiates are not life-threatening and include loss of appetite and weight accompanied by fatigue and diarrhea. Finally, PCP is a street drug that is also called “Angel Dust.”  PCP is very mind-altering, for it causes the user to lose touch with reality. Along with feelings of increased strength and aggression, there are visual distortions and episodes of psychosis. Lastly, PCP causes bad physical effects, such as coma and convulsions. If a user stops taking PCP, he or she can expect to undergo intense withdrawal symptoms, like violence and disorientation.

Tips and comments:

 Using street drugs can lead to substance abuse. Street drugs have no therapeutic value even though they may temporarily cause feelings of euphoria. In addition to their cost and illegal nature, these substances are highly addictive. Avoid using street drugs to improve your health and safety.