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Stop Your Prescription Drugs

If you are on a prescriptiondrugs for some reasons then you might want to read further on this article. You might not know it but as much as prescription drugs are meant to help treat or address your health conditions, there are side effects that are caused by these prescription drugs. The side effects may not show right away on the early stages of using these prescription drugs but they will eventually take toll after a while. Having mentioned this, there is a way to keep yourself healthy and attend to your medical conditions without the risks of prescription medicines.

What Is Prescriptions Drugs

You might ask what prescriptiondrugs really are. Well, these are the medications mostly given to a person by a doctor which are required to be able to purchase certain drugs. Prescription drug is the opposite of over-the-counter drugs which are available to the public even without any advice from doctors.

One of the reasons why there prescriptiondrugs is because of the risks of some drugs. Some medicines can be harmful to people who would take them even without the diseases the drugs are for. Another reason is mostly of regulatory purpose.

The Risks of Prescription Drugs

Prescriptiondrugs in the US may be aimed to help people but there are reasons why these can be harmful too. There are several reasons why prescription drugs may not be advised.

Chemical imbalances in the body may be caused by the prescription drugs too. Prescriptions are not really specific when it comes to the dosage and how you body’s metabolism would react to the prescribed drugs.

It may be absurd but there are cases wherein patients have acquired complications or more problems with their health when they take these prescription drugs. There even some reactions to these drugs that have cost the lives of some people.

The symptoms and the side effects of medicine have also evolved through the years. This is one of the reasons why doctors would sometimes lower down the dosages in prescribing drugs to be on the safe side.

These are some valid reasons why prescription drugs are not as effective as they should be and be avoided.

Alternative Medicine Is Here

Because of these risks people are aware of about prescriptiondrugs, those who now know better are eyeing on alternative medicines instead of prescribed drugs. If you look closer, alternative medicine has been around even before these prescription medicines came about. Alternative medicine, such has herbs, has helped a lot of people much effectively that prescription drugs have.

Alternative medicines have given people hope and have relieved much of people’s illness and diseases. Aside from being proven effective, people are buying these alternative medicines because they are not as expensive as those prescribed by doctors which contain chemicals. Most chemicals are no invited visitors of the body. The body reacts well with natural or organic components like those alternative medicine options. The body loves that which is natural and not some synthetic chemicals that can cause some damage to the body and to your well being.

By Emelie Go, published at 01/17/2012
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