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Drug Stores in USA

Published at 01/12/2012 20:17:38


A drugstore in America is a term defining a pharmacy. However, while the term is used in Europe for defining a special store where only powerful loegal drugs are sold, in America, it is used as a general term for a pharmacy. The pharmacy sells a wide range of medicines that consist of pharmaceutical drugs. The name itself comes from the Greek word “pharmakon” which means medicine, but the term "drugstore" has become common in American English.


The drugstore roles in America is not only to provide medication needed for those who are sick, but also to provide health care related services, such as clinical services, and to give efficient information about the pharmaceutical drugs and what are they used for. As such, pharmacists that work in a drugstore are highly trained experts on pharmaceutical drugs, unlike other countries where a person can work in a pharmacy only after following a simple course. an american pharmacist is specialized in optimizing medication for obtaining the best possible result for a certain patient.

There are more than  100 000 pharmacists in America, as estimated by the World Health Organization. Pharmacists are health experts that are educated and trained to ensure the optimal outcome for patients through the use of pharmaceutical drugs. They can also be small business entrepreneurs, running a drugstore where they also work, but in USA, the process of obtaining such certifications is hard. They have a very important role in the society, as their knowledge on metabolism and human body is vast. There exist many specializations when it comes to pharmacy practice, and those that the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties in America recognizes consist of cardiovascular disease, oncology, nuclear, nutrition and psychiatry. A pharmacist can be certified in geriatric pharmacy by the Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy and in toxicology by the American Board of Applied Toxicology.


While pharmacists were not enough to fulfil the need for such specialists in America, the job of pharmacy technician was also invented. A pharmacy technician works with a pharmacist or other health experts as they perform many health-care related functions, such as instructing a patient on how to use a special device or how to take a medication. Also, they may review the prescription given by other doctors or be an advisor for a health insurance company.

There is a new service that has been available for a couple of years and that is the online drugstore . The advantages of using this service are obvious from the beginning, as the rapid and reliable way to acquire a certain medication without wasting time or money to actually go to a pharmacy is evident. It is very easy to use, efficient when it comes to performance, and the outcome is always a good one. Running to the local drug store can be hard, especially if you have a cold or fever, so buying whatever medication you need from the Internet can improve and ease your life very much. Also, you do not have to worry about the security of this kind of service, as the new technology that has been developed in the recent years has made online transactions highly secured and practical.

Tips and comments

The choice is yours if you want to use an online drug store or not, as both services have their advantages and disadvantages. However, with the increase in the technological development of the online world, this will become a no brainer in the nearby future.