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Canadadrugs, to buy or not to buy?

Published at 06/28/2011 00:49:43

The medicines and treatment are among the best in the world in America but it all comes with a heavy price tag. Hence many people are seen turning to cheaper drugs from Canada. Many online pharmacies from Canada have emerged to satisfy the needs of prescription and non-prescription drugs. But the important question still remains that whether we should buy or not from the Canadian pharmacies as there are many negative aspects for importing medicines along with the positive ones.

The positive aspects of buying drugs from Canada:

The same quality of drugs available in USA is also available from Canada at a very much affordable price. The people shopping for affordable prescription drugs search on the internet and find their needs met by the Canadian pharmacies. The medicaments are not only less expensive but also provide a high grade of quality too.

Moreover it is very true that not all drugs ordered from the Canadian pharmacies have problems. If strict guidelines are followed the buyer gets the proper medicaments in a short duration with maximum quality at very low rates.

U.S. Drug Costs Highest in the World and they are quite unaffordable to the common man. Above this the U.S. government does not curb any restrictions on the price of the medicaments. Moreover it does not allow the import from other countries as this would deprive the pharmaceutical industry of billions of dollars in profit. Also the drug manufacturers argue that limiting costs would reduce the companies’ ability to finance for the heavy researches going on to create new medications.

Some negative aspects of the Canada Drugs.

The drug standards vary from country to country. The FDA’s systems are so tight in America that the high standards are maintained. Consumers who get their medicines outside the system through internet pharmacies from Canada or neighbouring countries may be compromising the quality of the medicines. Moreover the FDA warns that there may be potential health risks. Above this the FDA is also concerned about several aspects of the imported drugs like:

Quality assurance of the medicines

Counterfeits in drugs

Untested substances present

Unsupervised usage

Language on labelling

Above all these worries some grave worries are about the drugs being



Sub potent or substandard medicines


The bottom line being that safety should not be compromised for lower price and health risk.

Tips and comments:

Small amounts of drugs are allowed by the FDA for personal use to be imported through Canada but bigger amounts may lead to prosecution by the legal authorities.

Drugs which are purchased are not necessarily approved by the FDA.

People should be familiar with the health care providers.

Many complaints are received about the Canadian drug sellers including some who thought they were getting Canadian prescription drugs but received drugs from Asia, and customers who were charged for medication but never received it.

It is very important to ensure that the pharmacy is legitimate as per the rules of FDA and not a fake one.


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