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Drugsbeleid Nederland

Published at 06/30/2011 23:16:20

The drug policy of Netherland is so different that the coffee shop in major cities can sell and use cannabis.  Hence the Netherlands was one of the popular tourist spot for the teens. Amsterdam attracts more than 3.5 million foreign tourists per year, especially these tourists are of teens and they are drawn towards the coffee shop where they legally obtain marijuana. The coffee shop sell the small quantity for which the shop adhere to certain rule as follows:  5 grams to be sold in per transaction, hard drugs may not be sold, drugs must not be advertised, the coffee shop must not cause any nuisance, and no drugs are sold to minors under age of 18 or the minors admitted in the shops.

Since small amount of soft drug are allowed to use publically in the Netherland, it become a major factor for the lucrative business of the illegal products.  In order to prevent the illegal trading, the Dutch authorities formed a special drug squad with the help of customs, police officers and members of the Royal Military Policy so as to work against drug smuggling.  A special type of scanner is used to screen the materials in airport which detected the drugs carried in containers easily.

However, the cannabis trade in coffee shop will soon come to an end, says The Dutch Government which plans to stop drug tourism by forcing coffee shops to become private clubs that only sell to Dutch citizens whoever shows proof of identification.  Currently, 750 coffee shops in the country are working fine, 220 of which are located in the districts of Amsterdam, the capital city.  According to the Dutch Government, each coffee shop must adhere to follow certain rules and restrictions.  The Dutch government implemented that each coffee shop must hold only 1,500 members and the required members to sign up for one-year “dope passes” if they wish to continue receiving marijuana.

The goal of the Dutch drug policy is to prevent and reduce drug use; certainly it causes damage to health and to society. Moreover, to reduce the damage associated with drug use, drug production and the drug trade.  Hence the policy on coffee shops is largely decided by local authorities such as the police and the public department. Therefore, the Dutch Government tackled the nuisances which are created by coffee shops.  Even the Government implemented facilities for the treatment and rehabilitation of the addicts.

Tips and comments:

Through mass media and campaigns, it is necessary to discourage the use of drugs especially in schools.