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How To Get Mental Health Counseling Degree

Published at 07/07/2011 00:17:32

If a career in psychology interests you, if you like to assess the problems faced by different people and give them useful insights and help them reach a postive state of mind, then a  mental health counseling degree would be a good option for you.

Mental health counselors are professionals trained to counsel people either individually or in groups. They work for the well-being of their patients and ensure that they lead normal lives in the best conditions.

Mental health counseling degree is a must for becoming a mental health counselor. While completing bachelors degree in psychology it is necessary that the student takes mental health as the main subject. During the entire counseling program in mental health, students are taught to apply psychological applications afor treating patients in away that their live becomes easy and simple. The students are taught how to responsibly adopt a holistic approach while trying to help out the clients. Moreover,they are taught to make an assessment of the external environment and its effects on the mental health of the client.

Mental health counseling degree trains students to look into various aspects of te client. This inculdes physical health, behavior and their emotional well-being. They also have to watch for factors that could possibly have an affect on the client's life in some way or the other.

For a career in mental health counseling, a degree in MA, MS or MSW is a must. This two year program also includes internship. During the internship period students are given the opportunity to work directly with mentally ill patients and understand their mental condition.

Mental health couseling degree can be obtained from a number of schools and universities. For those who cannot attend college regularly due to family commitments and work can opt for online degree course.

Tips and comments:

The salary of a mental health counselor ranges from $35,000 to $60,000 annually. The other option is private cousneling, but this is possible only after gaining license. Ideally, it would take about 5 years for a health counselor to establish their career and reputation in a private clinic.

While otping for an online mental health counseling degree confirm whether the college you have chosen is approved or not. Ensure that the college from which you are pursuing a counseling program is a recognized and reputed college having proper accreditation. This will prevent you from facing difficulties while looking for internship and also while applying for jobs.


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