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Published at 01/26/2012 08:22:35


Mental health affects an individual in her/his education, relationships, performance in daily activities and of course in physical well being also. A mental health councelor assists the concerned individual/s with a short term therapy and guides them to get their groove back. Jobs mental health councelors are not to provide the individual with anti-psychotics, anti anxiety drugs or antidepressants like psychiatrists do. In fact, mental health councelors are licensed professionals who provide diagnosis, psychotherapy, educate, facilitate and develop treatment plans. Councelors jobs mental health are very important in institutes like rehabilitation centers, jails, law enforcement agencies, military or the paramilitary to name a few. In essence, councelor’s jobs mental health helps the client to make an educated decision to bring about positive change in his/her life. Many councelors work in hospitals with psychiatric patients or in day treatment programs with mentally ill patients. Private practice option is also available. Counseling centers, government agencies, and youth homes are other avenues open for the councelor. Mental health councelors are extremely important for the healthcare system in all countries.


For the jobs mental health councelor, a master’s degree in counseling is very essential. There are many specialized programs available like mental health counseling, marriage and family counseling, rehabilitation and community counseling. The supervisor is responsible for monitoring/mentoring his pupil through the course that has to be licensed/certified professional. Such degrees are also available online. Mental health jobs include professions like trained and licensed councelors, nurses, paramedic staff and others. Students who have planned a career in mental health counseling should opt for high school courses in biology, algebra, English, geometry, health occupation/medical profession education, sociology, literature, psychology, social studies, speech and computer skills. Individuals interested must first have a bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, sociology, social work or education. Most opportunities for employment require a Master’s degree or a doctoral degree. Voluntary certification can be availed of from the National Board of Certified Councelors. However, an internship for a specified period, some clinical work sample, or other professional work experience in the same field is essential to receive this certification.


The most common activities for the jobs mental health councelor include fixing appointments with clients either at home or visits to hospitals or treatment facilities, assessing risk factors presented by clients or evaluate their mental health, counseling clients and helping them make informed decisions about themselves and their relationships, establishing a consistent treatment and care program, maintaining and providing accurate health records of the client for providing to other mental health workers on the case, planning and meeting the other professionals involved with the client and chalk out a suitable program for bringing about positive changes in his/her client.

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According to projections, mental health councelor occupations are expected to increase by approximately 20% this year. An increase in federal funds to improve mental health networks statewide will also help boost their demand. Mental health councelors are also increasingly involved in crisis management and preventive counseling involving young people. Substance abuse councelors and job mental health councelors for jails and treatment programs who deal with behavioral disorders are and will be much in demand.


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