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Top Tips For Counseling Mental Health

Published at 02/14/2012 03:08:53


There are various types of counseling mental health through which practitioners would offer their skills and expertise to individuals that need to improve their mental health. They are classified accordingly to various functions and purposes to accommodate the mental counseling needs of the patient. Mental health disorders are not contagious diseases, but the living conditions of the patient can be affected severely. It can also influence the lives of the individuals surrounding the patient. It is highly recommended to seek immediate help from these mental health professionals whenever there are signs of mental problems that would occur in an individual.

Step 1

Understand the purpose and benefits of counseling.

The concept or idea of counseling mental health has existed since the earlier days of human civilization. The basic idea of counseling refers to a person asking for advice and help from another individual. The broader meaning of counseling basically involves helping patients resolve their mental issues and problems. The function of a counselor during these instances is a problem solver. A counselor provides a non-direct or direct guidance to aid the patient in making the logical and balanced decisions.

Step 2

Identify the right specialist needed.

There are various types of counselors that would help patients resolve various problems and issues. These professionals have various skills and functions. They are categorized by medical fields to provide assistance to their patients. Here are the types of mental health counselors:

Social Workers
These individuals are not capable of helping people that are in need of money, but they can counsel individuals with long-term ailments, cancer, mental disorders and domestic abuse. The majority of the social workers are equipped with the adequate knowledge in therapy and counseling mental health. These individuals have a Bachelor’s degree in BS, BSW and BA. Some of these individuals also have master’s degree in MSSW, MSW and M.A.

Clinical psychologists
The primary role of these counselors is to deal with patients that have severe mental disorders such anxiety, learning disabilities, eating disorders and depression. Most of the time, they would work in teams that offer mental health aid. These licensed professionals specialize on daily life predicaments and not on cases that involve extreme psychological issues. The majority of their cases involve issues that deal with relationships, personal matters, work and grief. These counselors are mostly available in areas such as hospitals, community, private locations, clinics and schools.

These licensed professionals are doctors of osteopathy or medical doctors. This job involves prescribing medications and counseling therapies as well. While psychologists focus more on treatments without the aid of medications, this branch of medical field mainly focuses on providing recommendations and prescription drugs such as antidepressants. Psychiatrists can work on schools, medical centers or hospitals. A psychiatrist can also set up his or her private practice and offer his or her expertise to various organizations and enterprises as well as provide counseling mental health.

Pastoral Counselors
These counselors would share religious and spiritual insights to individuals that are troubled. These individuals are experts in theology and psychology. They can help individuals resolve psychological problems through guidance.

Step 3

Know the importance of providing immediate attention.

According to recent surveys, there are thousands of individuals from around the world that are diagnosed with mental health disorders per year. Some of these cases have led to severe predicaments due to lack of counseling and therapy. Counseling mental health must be provided to these individuals, since it is for the benefit of their own future and health.


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