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Exercise And Mental Health


We all know that exercise is very important for us and it has been stressed upon time and again by everyone. We need to understand that without exercise and mental health we are prone to many difficulties in life and are risking our health .But what we really do not know or are never told is that health is not just related to the body where we consider remaining in good shape or reduce the chances of getting ill but staying mentally healthy is also very important. What is meant by mental health is that a person can enjoy his life without the prospect of depression or anxiety .It is easier said than done to feel satisfied by what people do and how life rewards them .Psychological satisfaction and mental health lies in focusing.


Exercises for mental health are not new .It has been practiced and researched by many in the past. Take for example Hofstede’s studies which show that people tend to be more active if the environment around them is what they desire or is not conflicting with their personality. The first person to actually give this term importance was William Sweetzer whose studies have been the groundwork for fitness and mental health. Another name worth mentioning is Dorothea Dix who used the term ‘mental health’ to alleviate the condition which led to mental illness and problems.


Our brain is the most important organ in our body .It helps us to think, memorize and give the nervous system the command of our body hence the importance of exercise and mental health. To make it become more healthy and active we can use various methods and exercise .One way is to switch the hand you normally use to do things. That is if you are left handed use your right hand and vice versa. You should try this with small tasks like mouse handling or by scribbling something on a piece of paper. Do this often if not everyday .You can choose to do this more privately while brushing your teeth etc. Another good exercise for your brain is to do things that make you use your brain more than any other part of your body. For example chess that you play while sitting but the main player is your brain thinking and using all the logic it can create for each and every move you make on the chessboard. Also by practicing tai Chi or Yoga can help in not only relaxing your brain but also in keeping your brain perfectly healthy.

Tips and comments

For exercise and mental Health one should always try to get expert opinion. Remember to tune in to morning shows on your television to get experts help who are often invited to morning shows for mental fitness and health. Also one can try to get as much sleep as one can as sleeping is one way of relaxing your brain and keeping it fit. Pushing your brain is good but like everything else done in excess pushing the brain to its limits will do more harm than good. So remember that exercise should be done but in a manner that your brain feels relaxed and not tired.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/04/2012
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