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Mental Health Promotion: Best Methods To Stay Healthy

Published at 03/10/2012 14:21:23


Mental health promotion is a superb way to attain and maintain a happy, long and healthy life. Mental health is as vital and essential as physical health. A healthy mind is basically as important as a fit body. You can never achieve or reach all your goals in your life if you are unhealthy mentally. There are millions of Americans that are experiencing mental health issues nowadays. Some of these individuals who suffer in silence are even unaware of their condition. This is the reason why mental health promotion is very important.

Anger, depression and anxiety can be very physically draining for a certain individual. These mental conditions are very common in all the major parts of the world. The time span and phases of these mental conditions will vary depending on the intensity and impact of their causes. Whatever the causes could be, it is certainly vital to improve your mental health and stay strong in your thought process and mind. Attaining superb mental health can be achieved through mental health promotion. Here are some of the simple ways that can help you stay healthy mentally.

Step 1

Getting the recommended number of sleeping hours is a necessity for good mental health. It replenishes your mind and body, which would lessen the risks of obtaining mental related problems such as anxiety, depression and mood swings. Adults are highly recommended to sleep for seven to nine hours a day as part of mental health promotion.

Step 2

Social Life
Regular interactions with various individuals can help a patient suffering from mental disorders to stay connected. Humans are basically social creatures. It is important to socialize with friends or family members to preserve the sanity of an individual. Going out and having fun while socializing with a group of like-minded individuals is one way to sustain mental health promotion on your part.

Step 3

Regular exercise at the gym or home will prevent the development of clinical depression and other mental-related conditions, which is very effective for mental health promotion. Exercises will make you feel better and fresher. Exercises can also release natural painkillers called endorphins, which could increase your feelings of happiness. Daily exercise will also lead to better sleep and more energy, which would fight against depression and other chemical imbalances in the brain.

Step 4

Healthy Foods
To be successful in the mental health promotion, you must realize that good physical health can influence your mental health in a positive way. Always stay fit by eating the recommended diet and nutrition to prevent acquiring diseases and mental health disorders.

Step 5

One of the best ways to fight depression and other mental disorders is to pursue a long lost hobby or to pursue a new one. It can keep you occupied and stay away from thoughts that can trigger anxiety and depression. There are numerous hobbies that you can pursue to improve your health mentally. Hobbies such playing a musical instrument or photography are superb means to support mental health promotion.

Step 6

Balanced living
According to recent studies, a balanced lifestyle is critical in maintaining positive mental health promotion. Every human being needs time with others as well as time for solitude. Recreation should be given as much significance as work and other important priorities.


These are some of the essential ways to improve your mental health. There are other significant tips such as reading inspirational books, enjoying the company of others, and simply believing in yourself. Personal mental health promotion can be reflected through your motivation, confidence and inspiration.

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