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Not Ignore Mental Health Drug Abuse

Published at 07/07/2011 00:20:42

 In recent studies, statistics have shown that mental health and drug abuse may be powerfully linked together in many patients. What happens is that when a person consumes some drug for the very first time in their lives, they may experience a sense of pleasure and happiness. For those people who have mental disorders such as anxiety or depression, the consumption of the drug creates a physical feeling of happiness, which they are otherwise unable to experience due to their mental health. For them, this then becomes a great feeling so they associate their happiness with the consumption of the drug. 

 However the catch here is that the feeling of happiness and contentment doesn’t last long and this is how addiction and dependency results. The individual may rapidly become dependent on the drug for happiness and consume it in large amounts at frequently short intervals, which is of course highly dangerous. There will come a time when that person won’t be able to function as a normal person without having the drug and this can result in increased anger management problems, irritability, depression and so on. When the person’s mental immunity to the drug’s chemicals also strengthens with time that is when the situation becomes worse. That is why you should not ignore mental health drug abuse. 

 There are treatments available for both the problems; the mental health and the drug addiction. When the two things exist side by side in one person, they are usually known as a dual diagnosis. This problem can be very dangerous when found in an individual and so the right treatment at the right time is very crucial. Studies have shown that doctors seem to think that the best way to treat this problem is firstly to accept it. Tell the patient gently what the problem seems to be since he or she will often be confused as to what is going on. Do not ignore mental health drug abuse or the consequences will be very dire. Accept the problem as quickly as you can and then work on treating it. With the advent in today’s technology, there are many therapies and treatment methods that can be approached for this kind of a diagnosis. 

Tips and comments:

 A good advice and solutions from doctors is to treat both disorders at once. If you leave one disorder untreated while treating the second one, the results may well be dangerous. You should not ignore mental health drug abuse and make sure the patient has the right treatment and therapies to make sure he will be treated. The process is long and slow, but at the end if you have hope and the will to get better, you will be cured of both problems and be able to live a long, normal and healthy life. This kind of co occurring disorders can really put a hold on a patient’s life, so the sooner they get treatment, the better it will be because you only have so much to live for. Life is short, enjoy it.