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Understanding the Different Types Of Agencies For Mental Health

Published at 04/06/2012 12:23:34


There are a number of different agencies mental health offering different types of services. The different professions help people to deal with different mental issues. agencies mental health differ in the services they offer. The educational background of the agencies mental health also differs.
There is a number of agencies mental health giving mental health services to clients. The major types of agencies mental health are discussed as below. Each is different with its educational background.


The first form of agencies mental health are the psychastrists.This field ids flooded by medical doctors who specialize in administering mental health and care. They are licensed to give medical prescriptions. After they take the problems then they carry the correct prescription to the patient. They do both prescriptions and also psychotherapy.
The second type of agencies mental health are the psychologists. This group is dominated by professionals who have attained high educational levels. They hold doctorate degrees. Before they start practicing they are supposed to pass through a wide experience in clinical medicine. They are supposed to pass through many days of training to qualify for the post .this is a very demanding profession and takes time. They are best known for clinically based research. The programs for the professions are different. The program of specialization differs from one program to another. They get very special training and education to enable them deal with their victims.


Third form of agencies mental health are the clinical workers. They deal mostly with social work. They have social work degrees. They focus on teaching and many hours of engaging in clinical training. This group is supposed to be involved in intensive and extensive clinical work. The job is also much demanding.

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The fourth type of agencies mental health is the psychiatric nurses. They are initially trained to become nurses in the field. Through thorough psychotherapy training they are changed to clinical officers. This usually takes many hours to arrive at the experience. It is stipulated no one can become a nurse if he or she has not undergone such experience and process. Most of them also carry prescriptions duties. They are limited to some medications but not all the prescriptions. Their experience and qualification limits them to do all the prescriptions.
The other form of agencies mental health are the family therapists. They are also referred to as marriage therapists. they are generally degree holders. In some areas they can be holders of bachelors degrees or less qualifications they are suppose to invest a lot of hours gathering a lot of experience in the clinical field. From one place to another the qualifications may be varied this also changes or varies quality from one individual to another. Some form of therapists need much training which enables them to make a difference in their fields. Some of therapists experience is quite demanding and needs much attention from the professional.
Another form of agencies mental health include the professional counselors who are licenced.They are supposed to have bachelors degree qualifications with numerous hours of experience as medical doctors. It is a requirement to meet such criteria.
Some other professional also exist but are somehow based on the special certification and not necessarily educational basis.