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What Is the Department Environmental Health Responsible For?

Published at 04/06/2012 12:25:34


The department environmental health carries the responsibility of water protection. The department environmental health cars for sewage disposal and privately owned wells of water. They carry an evaluation and analysis of sewage is disposed and also the distribution of private wells. The department environmental health deals with an analysis of soil type of the applicant. This is done to determine the suitability of the proposed site for well drilling. The department also deals with issuing of the correct certification. Through taking samples and a review of the site the department environmental health arrives at the right decision of granting you a valid certificate of drilling water at your place.


The department environmental health also deals with complaints made by sewage. They can deal with your case but you will part with a certain amount of money.
The department environmental health deals with inspecting many establishments were hygiene is needed. They plan and review the licenses of operating businesses like hotels,kiosks,restaurants,hotels,lodges ,resorts among other eating places. The department carries all the inspections and ensure that what os provided by the establishments meets the health criteria of the public needs. The departments passes on the regulations to the establishments and maintains that for carrying out such practices, you have to meet the desired criteria. If your business does not meet the set policies you may risk getting your business closed as stipulated by the department environmental health.


The department environmental health also carries the following services with a view of improving health services in many states. It is actively involved in coming up with various strategies and policies that allow local residents quickly respond to any health disaster. This disasters include both natural and man made. incase of any happening the public is supposed to respond immediately to the department environmental health. This will ensure quick response and avoid dangers and delays were emergency is needed. The department has facilitated all this. In cases where medication is supposed to be taken to many places, the department deals with that very well.

Tips and comments

Other functions that are incorporated in the department environmental health include; national planning. Under this planning, the department environmental health is responsible for distributing ad dispensing medicine and medical services to all local area. During emergencies the department is responsible of taking help and attending to all the affected people in the sreas.They supply the resources needed in such areas.
The department conducts CIS training. It trains for a good coordination between different participants when on the scene. Through different courses the training is administered which enhances the ways of protecting many people.
The department keeps the correct plans for the hazards. It does s by keeping people alert and aware of all the hazards which may be expected. This makes people prepare and evacuate the places in time to avoid the danger of losing life and property. The department has helped many people to get on well while keeping the disasters at bay.
The department environmental health works with the locals also. Some people are trained so as to teach other members of the community of what is expected. This education therefore trickles down to the lowest people in the villages.