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How To Get Thrue National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination


The national clinical mental health counseling examination or simply known as NCMHCE is an examination specially organized by National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). It helps an individual to declare himself as a mental health instructor or critic. In other words, through NCMHCE contestants are able to prove their skills required for good counselors. 


The national clinical mental health counseling examination was established by NBCC. NBCC was founded in 1982 to endow a national certification system to praise and make use of the works of the counselors who voluntarily gained certification. NBCC also keeps a record of these counselors. Because of NBCC, the examination of health counseling came into existence. It is one of the recent specialties offered by NBCC.  Other than this, there is another Clinical Counseling of mental health, known as (CCMHC) and Master Addiction Counselor (MAC) have also been introduced.


The examination comprises of ten clinical cases. On the basis of these cases the contestant is able to judge the clients’ problems. All cases are then further classified into around eight different sections. This classification further helps the contestant in analyzing the patient. These classifications are additionally classified into two categories namely: Decision-making and Information Gathering. It is important for the contestants to pass in both the sections. Moreover, these contestants can also be termed as the mental health critics. Another aim of the Counseling Examination is to embellish the stature of society through counseling. This exam can also be helpful for those who want to pursue counseling as a profession in the military. The national clinical mental health counseling examination can be divided in to three stages: The first being, the Assessment stage. In this stage the contestant has to assess the history of an individual, his conduct in society and his intra-personal relationships. The second step is diagnosis and treatment in which ways are derived for the betterment of the patient’s state. In this stage the contestant has to formulate a specific treatment plan for the individual and has to coordinate that plan with the patient/client needs. The final stage is called the clinical practice stage. Here the contestant has to determine whether the services that he has provided meet the client’s needs and if they are sufficient or not. He also has to discuss the legal and ethical issues regarding his client.

Tips and comments

If you wish to get enrolled in this exam, all you need is the access to the internet and determination. There are various websites from where the contestants can get hold of the application forms. The The Counseling Examination of the National Mental Health is proving to be very helpful for those who want to pursue a career in counseling. It is essentially used for two goals. The first one is national declaration as a specialized mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) and the other is also a certified national counselor licensure. Furthermore, there is an availability of guidebooks known as the day’s guides which prove to be very helpful in taking the examination. So if someone wants to opt for this profession NCMHCE is just what they are looking for!

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