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How To Promote Womens Wellness in Your Community


The woman is a very important person in our communities and if we do not promote women wellness then our communities are deemed to fail. This is basically because the woman helps in showing a community which way is right and this starts at home when a mother punishes her children for wrong doings so we should take care of the woman wellness. We should come up with everything a woman needs to stay healthy. We could come up with a wellness center in our community that has supportive and skilled staff and that offers a range of services and resources to boost the wellness of women. Here are some of the resources we could put up in our womens wellness center to ensure every woman gets most advanced and personalized care.

Step 1

Nurse navigator

It is very important to note that the health of a woman is very complex and often confusing but with a navigator nurse at the womens wellness center every woman who visits the wellness center will have an opportunity to meet the nurse and this highly trained nurse will be her personal guide and a partner in health. The nurse will identify the health needs in every woman who visits and help them fix appropriate services to achieve optimal health.

Step 2

Understanding wellness

It is important that every woman understand the importance of her wellness so in our womens wellness center we will come up with classes specifically tailored to educate women on their health and wellness. In the womens wellness center we can offer an extensive resources library with materials that cover common and complex health conditions in women this way it will be easy for women to understand their wellness and the importance of the womens wellness center.

Step 3

Yoga and massage therapy

Did you know that yoga and massage are great anti depressants? So in our womens wellness center we will offer yoga and massage therapy for every patient who visits the center. This will help promote flexibility, strength and relaxation .it is important for the women who visit the womens wellness center to go through the therapy because yoga helps in injury prevention and recovery , physically wellness or simply stress reliever while the massage supports the overall wellness of the woman. We should make sure that the yoga and massage therapy are given in a private peaceful environment to help make the women feel pampered and on the road to good health.

Step 4

Meditation room

Meditations often brings peace and healing of the mind and body so it is advisable to give every woman in our community a chance to meditate and so we will put up a meditation room in our womens wellness center for every woman to enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Step 5

Resource library

Knowledge is power they say and so in our womens wellness center we will put up a resource library with up to date book journals and magazines that touch on the health and the wellness of the woman. This will enable the women in our community to be well.

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By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/06/2012
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