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There are probably thousands of websites created each day. It seems that we can find websites on every possible imagined topic. People frequently wonder and ask question about website development and web hosting. PHP web hosting is quite popular among new comers in web developing field. PHP (short-form of Hypertext Preprocessor) is a broadly used open source general-purpose scripting language that is used for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

Once the website is designed, the next step is web hosting. Most of people go for free web hosting, which is good option for personal blogs, but not suitable for business purposes. If you want to make your website as worth considered for lots of people, you better go for your own personal domain name. Besides, these free sub-domain names are always considered as unreliable, and look unprofessional.

If you browse on Internet, you can find many affordable and also best reliable PHP web hosting services. These services give you full access of your website and they also provide customer services. People often post question in forums and blogs about PHP web hosting services, so we assembles some FAQs about PHP web hosting for your convenience.

One of the most frequently asked question is about switching PHP versions. There are many PHP versions available, and PHP web hosting service allows switching PHP version for your web hosting account.

Sometimes the user faced the bug problem. If you find a bug, first make sure that you have checked PHP database. If you dont see it in the database, try to report the bug problem to your PHP web hosting service. If you have chosen a reliable PHP web hosting service, they will guide you to resolve your problem.

New comers and amateurs often wonder about the PHPs development features. PHP is basically used for server-side scripting, but a professional can explore it to achieve other services. It can be used for command line scripting and writing desktop applications. PHP web hosting services offer CURL support through the command line and as a PHP compiled-in option.

PHP works on almost all main operating system, so you can select an operating system and a web server according to you preferences. It works on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, RISC OS, and many UNIX variants.

PHP web hosting provides your own domain name. You can host multiple domains on your account, and your domains can also be go as separate websites if this facility is provided by your PHP web hosting service. Usually, to relate different domains with a single account doesn't cost extra charges, but if one of your domains use a large amount of resources, then PHP web hosting ask to put it on a separate account.


Today, just about all web hosts offer PHP, but most of them only activate the default PHP available in their hosting control panel. There are hundreds of PHP web hosting services available which seem quite promising, but you can't be sure about their efficiency until you use their services.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/22/2012
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Php Web Hosting. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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