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The Top 5 Web Hosting Companies


In the last few years, ground of web hosting companies has a rapid growth. With the passage of time, the demand for best standards and norms goes high as well. It is important to find the right web hosting companies to configure success in your business. So, definitely one would like to go for the best web hosting company.

Most of the web hosting companies starts advertising to provide maximum bandwidth, disk space, and domain access. But only few selected firms have escaped the stress and survived for long duration. And now these are listed as top five web hosting companies at Hostindex's.

In this article you can find a prompt review on top 5 web hosting companies.

Step 1

“Bluehost” is at the top 5th position in the ranking of the best web hosting companies, which are providing services of web hosting since the last 15 years. They always focus on their standards and service’s quality that is one of the big reasons of their popularity among consumers. They offer an exciting service to their consumers including amazing bandwidth, high disk space and database of MYSQL. They are also famous for their low charges as all these things one could get in just $6.95 per month that is a wonderful deal.

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“AN Hosting” has the top 4th position in the ranking of the best web hosting companies. They offer some tremendous services and feature to their consumers including 500GB space for websites hosting, 5000GB of bandwidth and 20 various domains with unlimited databases of MYSQL. It also provides some outstanding webhosting features including MySQL 5, Ruby on Rails and PHP5. “AN hosting” can be the best selection for those who have sites which are largely depend on database of MYSQL. Services charges of “AN hosting” are $6.95 per month that are exactly same as “BlueHost” but one can gain more through “AN hosting” than “Bluehost”.

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“HostMonster” is at the top 3 position in the ranking of web hosting companies. They provide several services to their consumers but with the cheapest services charges. In just $5.95 per month one can get so many beneficial features including unlimited space storage and bandwidth with default Shell enabled Access. Their basic objectives are individuals and petty trades that want to set their websites without facing problem from server side.

Step 4

“IX Webhosting” has the 2nd top position in the ranking of the best web hosting companies. “IX Webhosting” is well famous in the market segment for their cheapest services charges that are just at $3.95 per month. This is one of the best deals from any web hosting company.

Step 5

They facilities their consumers with wide variety of services include efficient support and queries answers. They are also known as one of the best website hosting services provider in the market.


“Reigning supreme” is at the top most position in the ranking of Hostindex's. They also offer low services rates as $4.95 per month and one can get quick access to all those feature that any best web hosting company may provide to you. Moreover, they also facilitate their consumers by providing them tool-free services for support all the time.


After reading this article one can now easily choose company for hosting their sites according to their budget, preference and purposes.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/23/2012
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The Top 5 Web Hosting Companies. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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