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What Is File Hosting

Published at 03/28/2012 08:20:02


File hosting is a service which is specifically for the hosting of files of users. It is an Internet hosting service. This service is also known as an online file storage or cyber locker. Users can upload the files and others can download those files easily. The services which are allowed here are typically HTTP and FTP. There are some related services and these are content displaying hosting services which include audio, video, image and music; virtual storage and the remote backup. There are some of the uses of file hosting like software file hosting, content caching and personal file storage.


File hosting services are often used by Shareware, Freeware and Open source or Free software. These services are used to serve their software. Huge bandwidth cost is the main problem in the free downloads. There are some of the sites who delay the starts of downloads for the sake of covering the cost. They also slow down the speeds of downloading so that they can persuade a user to pay for the account.


Private individuals aim for the personal file storage. They offer network storage for the backup of personal files and file hosting distribution. Users can either keep the files password protected or upload and share them publicly. For any individual or small office computer users the off site backup services are nor sometimes affordable. There are majority of the people who prefer to have the files shared publicly which are accessible to the HTTP server. Static content or cached content is sometimes used when the content providers face the bandwidth congestion issues. Whenever there is major Internet presence then content caching is used there.

online file storage is sometimes done on per gigabyte basis. sometimes they also ask for the bandwidth costs. they charge them either on monthly basis or the yearly basis. there are some companies who rely on the advertising revenue and offer the services for free. there are some companies who do not place any limit for the storage of data. your account can consume any amount of storage space. there are some companies who have specific software and they can access those files only by having that software downloaded on your computer.

Tips and comments

There are many services which are offered to the customers. These services include dedicated suites or cages to the smaller racks and partial racks etc. There are sometimes service level agreements offered to the customers which are related to the network and computer related services. Dedicated servers and co-located servers are different in some manner. You can own and rent the dedicated servers to the others but the co-location server is owned by the client itself. There can be many companies offering different services to the customers like one company can be used to operate a co-location center, some company can rent a cage or room for the center and some companies can provide the bandwidth. There is also a type of hosting which is known as one click hosting. It is also referred to as cyber locker in which you can easily upload the files on the Internet from your hard drives.


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