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Published at 04/02/2012 14:22:50


The internet is the new hangout of the modern generation. Almost everyone has an online presence nowadays and the presence of your virtual persona has become imperative in this day and age. It has become really important to own your own blog or website. In case you don’t already have a website, you should waste no time and get to work. The cost of making your own website has become inconsequential as the hosting cost has been considerably reduced and there are low cost web hosting websites all over the internet. They offer a range of competitive services at quite a nominal price. What is more, with the emergence of internet marketing, one can even monetize his or her website simply by posting advertisements that can supplement your income or pocket money.

Web Hosting Basics

In order to make your own website and your presence felt in the online world one must first find an economical web hosting service with a low hosting cost. A web hosting service is one which actually makes your website accessible to the internet via the World Wide Web. It is the service that makes your site available all over the world. These web hosting services provide you with a server that you can either own or lease and they also provides your website with access to the internet. In short, your website will be stored in these servers and will be called upon whenever someone tries to access it from any part of the world.

Uptime and Availability

The availability and uptime of a web hosting service is perhaps the most important factor a person must consider before investing in such a service. Availability is the measure of percentage of time in a year that the website is live, that is, it can be accessed via the internet and hence be publically available. Uptime, however, refers to the time it is online but not necessarily available to the general public. Sometimes people are blinded by low hosting cost and they make the mistake of investing in a web hosting service that has low uptime and availability. One must beware of such pitfalls before enlisting the service of that particular web hosting company.

Value for Money Hosting

One must consider a number of factors before investing in a web hosting service. You must always check the number of services offered by the host. Does it support application development platforms and database support? These are really important parameters for business owners who want to include their own script and applications in their websites. In order to have applications such as a forum and also in order to manage the contents of their website the presence of such features are imperative. Just a low hosting cost should not lure you into making a deal so as to not provide you with the freedom to design your own website with interactive services and applications. However, if the purpose of your website is just to maintain a web presence via a blog, these restrictions should not matter. But, if you manage to get these services at a good bargain, you must not pass up such an opportunity.

All being said and done, good web hosting services with low hosting cost and good value for money services are available aplenty. A little background check and research can help you come across a good deal.


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