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What Is the Cost Of Web Hosting?

Published at 04/02/2012 14:28:07


For a novice in the field of web hosting, it can be intimidating to find a web hosting service that suits his or her needs. Here, we are going to discuss the hosting cost of the different types of web hosting. It all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to pay for these services. You can enlist web hosting services that range from $4 to $100 per month. You have the choice to select services from among three services namely shared web hosting, VPS web hosting and dedicated web hosting. The salient features of these web hosting services will be discussed below.

Shared Web Hosting Services

Shared web hosting services are the ones with the lowest hosting cost. This type of hosting service entails that you have to share the server with other websites. In other words, more than one website will reside in a single server and as such the cost of enlisting this web hosting service is as low as five dollars per month. If you want to open a small website or a personal blog in order to mark your web presence, a shared web hosting service is the one that you should consider. It is both economical and it is the best option to open a small website of your own.

VPS Web Hosting Services

A VPS or a virtual private server is one in which you own a virtual server dedicated to your website. The term cloud server is often used to refer to this kind of web hosting service. These systems can normally be setup and reconfigured catering to your needs on the go. In essence, you will have to share the same physical server with other websites but dedicated software provides you with a virtual server that is the functional equivalent of a totally separate physical server. The hosting cost for this service is approximately about $50 per month. If you want to open a moderately sized online business and handle a website that has moderate traffic, then you should opt for this service.

Dedicated Web Hosting Services

As the name suggests, this is a web service in which you have a server dedicated specifically to your website. In case you want to run a website that handles quite heavy traffic, you must invest in such servers. The hosting cost for such web servers is about $100 per month. Companies and large businesses that need to handle a lot of traffic in a day, usually tend to buy a whole host of web servers dedicated to their own website. This requires a lot of maintenance and only large companies usually have the resources to finance such a large undertaking.

In conclusion, there are a whole host of options a person who is starting out to open a website has. He can minimize hosting cost by choosing a shared web hosting service or choose to open a large website that would ideally have a lot of traffic by opting for a dedicated server. The quality of service provided by different web hosting services differ a lot, so, a bit of research should be done before investing in a web hosting service.


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