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How to become successful in your job

The Important keys to Success in Your Job


Whether you are just starting out at a new job or have been maintaining the same position for some time, the responsibility of ensuring the progression and success of your career falls squarely on your shoulders. Therefore, you should learn to condition yourself to achieve your maximum potential and success in your work place.

These are some of the major keys to success in job you may be pursuing:




Know Your Employer


Every employer has their own set of goals and value systems, which dictate how employees relate with one another and how the tasks get done. It is always important to evaluate your own value system, and set of goals to see whether they match with your employers, i.e. honesty, respect, trust, etc. If they do not align with one another, then you should consider moving to a different company. After all, it is always easier to get a new job, when you already have one.


Act Professionally


There is a thin line between someone who is fun to work with and someone who likes to fool around during working hours. A fun person has a pleasing personality, can share a joke or two and can smile whenever need be. Fooling around often refers to the type of employee who likes wasting their time and that of other employees through dereliction of duties and is frequently seen standing in other peoples workplace, rather than their own.


Learn to Accept Criticism Gracefully


Criticism from your employer or peers will provide with valuable insights on what they expect from you, any possible weak areas and what to prioritize in your work. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel angered and hurt, due to criticism in the workplace, take some time to cool off and then confirm the source of the criticism and how you can remedy it. You should then work to rectify the situation so as to avoid a similar mishap in the future.




Learn what it takes to do a Good Job


Every employer has a set of key performance indicators (KPIs), through which they can determine your input into the company.  Make sure to learn what these KPIs are and seek to perform above and beyond your employers expectations. Never make excuses for shoddy work or avoid doing a task simply because it looks difficult. Instead focus your attention on learning new skills and building your experience.


Cultivate a Good Relationship with Gatekeepers


A gatekeeper refers to the secretaries, bookkeepers, cafeteria workers and other custodians of the organization. No matter how high up you may be in your organization, always treat these people with respect and courtesy because they always tend to hold more power than you can realize. Avoid associating with other employees who mistreat gatekeepers. Talk to them as you any other employee; making polite requests and not ordering them around.


Tips and comments


Always maintain a set of goals on the level of performance you want to achieve at work and how that should reflect in your job history, so as to take advantage of any upcoming opportunities for growth within your company or elsewhere.


By bernard munyu, published at 01/03/2012
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