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Published at 03/03/2012 12:31:52


Technology management is set of management disciplines that allows organizations to manage their technological fundamentals to create competitive advantages. Technology management offers a wide range of concepts like technology strategy, technology forecasting, technology road mapping, technology project portfolio and technology portfolio. All these concepts are important when applying for new jobs tech.

Technology strategy is about logic and the role of tech in any organization. Technology forecasting is concerned with scouting and identification of similar technologies for any organization. Technology road mapping is linked with mapping new technologies with business and market needs. Technology project portfolio shows the projects that have been developed or in the process of completion. Technology portfolio constitues those technologies that are currently in use.

It is the role of the technology manager to make decisions about the use of company’s technology where as compelling into account how the decisions will affect the company’s budget, employees, customers and profitability. When seeking a technology manager, employers prefer candidates with a strong technology background as well as a strong understanding about business practices.

For those who want to enter tech jobs with a bachelor’s degree and are new in this field, but they have no work experience in IT or business, typical entry-level tech jobs positions include: customer support specialist, help desk representative, and junior positions in database development, web site development, analysis, or programming. Graduates having experience in this field can also apply for supervisory roles in customer support departments and entry-level project management positions.

Technology managers work at least 40 hours per week in an office setting. When a company needs, then the manager should be there at work with additional hours to meet deadlines or to manage technology-related emergencies. The technology manager should also spend time on new trends in the field to guarantee their company is not behind the competition due to outdated technology.

Professionals in tech jobs get benefits package which includes healthcare and retirement plans such as profit-sharing and company stock. where fact is that technology managers spend many hours at a computer, so they should take precautions in contradiction of computer related things like eye strain and carpel tunnel and more.

While a person receives professional experience in the tech job field, there graduates Bachelor in Technology Management degree will be able to explore opportunities in management such as:

  • Chief Technology Officer: Responsibilities includes evaluating new technologies to determine which would benefit the company, advising upper management on benefits/drawbacks of the technology, and creating/overseeing implementation strategies.
  • Director of Management Information Systems or Director of Information Technology: It manages daily work of computing resources for proper function, availability, reliability and security. manage the support/help desk and other department employees.
  • Project Manager: Oversee budgets and schedules for technology relates project work with internal and external customers, vendors/suppliers, consultants and trainers to coordinate the development and implementation of projects.

Tips and comments

A master’s degree or higher may be required for tech jobs, where qualified managers are in very short supply and a candidate’s experience is valued more than a post-graduate education. There is no need for industry certifications for technology management positions, but it can help the candidate’s specific chances. 


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