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How to find truck driver jobs in USA


If one is qualified, one may want to find out how they can get one of the many truck driver jobs in the country. These jobs are ideal for the right candidates. These jobs also pay well and offer good benefits.

Step 1

One may begin browsing the variety of driver jobs in the area of the America, they live. However, they cannot officially begin applying for any of these jobs until they pass their Class A CDL test. Some companies will offer free training to drivers. If one cannot find a company that is willing to pay for their training, there are actual truck-driving schools where one can get this training. The costs for this training are tax deductible.

Step 2

Before you begin training for your CDL test, you must visit the Department of Transportation to get a permit. There are a few requirements that you will have to pass before they will allow you to have this permit they include: prove that they are over 18 years of age, passing a physical exam, passing a drug test and showing proof that you have a valid drivers license. Once one has passed these requirements, a permit will be given and they can begin training for one of the many driver jobs in their area.

Step 3

Once one begins a truck-driving class, he will learn the basics of being a truck driver. This training will teach him how to operate the truck, how to handle the truck and help him to pass the written part of the CDL test. The training will also help teach him about the variety of driver jobs in the America and what will be expected of him. How much training one will need will depend on how much prior knowledge he has of driving a big rig. It will also depend on what may be required in the state he resides.

Step 4

After one has the training needed to pass a CDL test, he is ready to see if he can pass a practice CDL written test. The school where he is attending where probably offer several practice sessions and many online sites offer these tests, as well. These give a would be driver a taste of what the real test is. This also gives the would be driver more of reason to study and become determined to pass the test. Once it becomes easier to pass the practice test, the driver will be ready to take the real test and become closer to getting one of the many driver jobs in the country.

Step 5

When one is ready to take their CDL test, he must take and pass a two part test. These tests includes a General Knowledge Test and a Road Driving Test. These tests are given by the Department of Transportation.

Once one passes both these tests, he can begin applying for the driver jobs in the areas he is interested. These jobs can be found through newspaper advertisements, online ads, employment agencies and through the truck driving companies themselves.


One should make sure they are ready before they take their CDL tests. They need a good understanding of the driving laws and they need to have the ability to pass the driving portion of the test.

Drivers jobs in ones area can be found in a variety of places. These include newspapers and online sites. Yet, one should consider applying for a variety of drivers jobs in the area they are interested. Hopefully, this will give them a variety of interviews and a variety of job offers to consider. Then they should consider which jobs are the ones that best suit them. Should they take one that expect them to handle long or short hauls? What about the pay range?  Look at each job and all the factors and then pick the one that is the best for you.


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By Linda McCloud, published at 03/13/2012
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