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Published at 03/15/2012 21:10:59


Filling out and submitting a job application is a task that should be easy, but it is not. It is the first thing that the employer will see when they receive your application so making it interesting yet easy on employers should be a major concern. You dont want your job application tossed out because of sloppy work, carelessness, or inaccuracy. Here are a few important tips to remember when submitting a job application.

Step 1

Preparing a compelling motivation letter is one great tip in making sure that your job application is considered. However, do not use hype words when stating your case and be realistic in your achievements and expected contributions to the company. State realistic expectations of what you can do for the company.

Step 2

Your resumes are very important. In addition to the motivation letter that you are expected to submit, it is the first contact point of the employer. The resume should be concise and highlight the important areas such as education background and work experience history. Provide an explanation such as schooling or education if there are gaps in your job history and make sure that you know these caveats when interview day comes around.

Step 3

Avoid making lengthy resumes as employers are not going to read long pages of your details. Remember that employers are going to look for specific information on the resume and are not likely to read everything. Summarize all entries well on your resume by giving a short yet accurate description of work history and education background.

Step 4

Include reputable references when asked in a job application. They are helpful in cases where the employer requires character references or former employers to attest your reliability and productivity.

Step 5

Companies and employers use different types of job application process. There are cases where you are required to submit a cover letter and a resume. Others also require that you fill a job application on the spot or online. Make sure that you fill out all the required information and tick boxes which are not applicable to you.

Step 6

To make it easy to fill out a job application on the spot or even online, have your resume ready with all the details needed. Put a chronological order on your resume relating to job experience and education so that you will find it easy to fill the boxes. When filling a job application on the spot, bring copies of your resume with you, in case you need to attach this on your file.

Step 7

Read the instructions on filling the job application thoroughly before filling it out. Write legibly and neatly using a black or blue pen (unless otherwise stated) on your job application without making mistakes. 

Step 8

Ask for a new form if there are too many erasures. Remember that a neatly and correctly filled out form will make a better impression than one with crossed out info or erasures.


Prepare extra copies of transcript of records, diplomas, employment and training certificates. It is easy to attach them when submitting a job application on the spot. If you are submitting a job application online, make sure that you have scanned copies of these documents on your computer to facilitate submission.


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