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If you are a resident of Illinois and are currently seeking il jobs, there are a variety of places to apply online or offline. According to the Illinois Department of Unemployment, the current percentage of unemployed individuals is 9.8%. Unemployed residents can apply for il jobs online or at the place of business. Those who are unemployed can begin their job search by reading the help wanted ads in newspapers, searching online or asking local businesses. 

Step 1

Apply for il jobs by filling out an online job application. Begin searching for il jobs on websites such as Central Illinois Help, or If you are an applicant that is interested in applying for a job through the state of Illinois, you can also visit "Work 4 Illinois" website. Search for jobs in categories that are of interest to you.

Once you find a job to apply for, click on the online application and fill it out accordingly. Some applications may ask for information such as your social security number, address and prior job experience. Most applications are located on secure servers, so you don't have to worry about somebody intercepting your personal information.

Before submitting your job application, print out a copy for your own records. Be sure to write down the name of the company and the website where you applied. Follow up with the employer within a week to make sure that your online application has been received. 



Step 2

Read your local newspaper help wanted ads to search for il jobs. Sometimes there businesses that place job postings. If you are unable to buy or subscribe to a newspaper, visit your local library. Libraries often carry local newspapers for visitors to read. Bring an extra tablet and a pen so that you can write down job leads. Be sure to read the job ad carefully. Some places of employment ask you to fill out an application online where others ask that you appear in person. If you are unsure about the instructions, don't hesitate to call the business to ask about job openings and the application process. 

Step 3

Drive or walk around your hometown and search for any businesses that have "help wanted" signs in the window. Go inside and ask for a manager or assistance manager. Speak with them about current job openings and ask for an application. Keep a record of the places of businesses that you received an application from. When you turn in the job application, call the place of business in about one to two weeks to ask if the opening has been filled. Also keep a record of the time and day that you call to avoid calling the business again too soon. If a business does not have a help wanted sign, you can still inquire about a job application. Some places of businesses will keep applications on file in case a current employee quits or is terminated. Even though it might be harder to find il jobs this way, it is a useful way to network. 

Step 4

Keep your resume up to date at all times. When you apply for il jobs, most businesses will request a copy of your current resume. Keep a list of references in case it is asked for too. If you need assistance creating your resume, contact a local job center. They often offer help with writing your resume. It is important to always carry a copy of your resume and list of references with you when applying for il jobs

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