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Mental Health Employment : How To Get The Job

Published at 03/29/2012 16:05:24


There are many people with mental illnesses that are unemployed. According to research, 70 to 80 percent of people with mental illnesses are unemployed. This leads to a loss in self-confidence and also self-esteem which are necessary components in recovery.

Step 1

Learn about mental health employment problems.This lack of mental health employment eventually leads to poverty and isolation. Research also shows that there are many employers in history and even presently who are reluctant to hire someone who has a history of mental illness. This is because of the low level of expectations that come with employers in regard to people suffering from mental health problems. This leads to prejudice and a lack of knowledge because of the stereotypical views that people have, which result in lack of employment of these people. So people suffering from mental disorders also do not apply for jobs for this reason. However, the new modern world challenges the difficulties that come with mental health employment.

Step 2

Learn about the law related to mental health employment.The Equality Act 2010 is directed at protecting people from discrimination and unfair treatment. It makes it officially wrong for employers to discriminate against people with a disability. By the term disability, the law makes it clear that it refers to people who have a difficulty in carrying out day to day activities and so may include people with mental health problems such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Step 3

Learn about the job and mental health employment considerations- The law stipulates that the employers are not allowed to ask the job applicants whether they have a medical condition or disability before deciding to invite them for an interview or before offering someone a job. This has come to prevent scenarios that occurred in the past where some employers would decide not to short list a candidate because of their mental health. Now, metal health employment has been made possible through the way in which employers are required to make reasonable adjustments to work with people with a disability in order for them to do their jobs well. this may require making certain adjustments such as giving them an afternoon schedule for their work if their medication makes them feel sleepy in the morning.

Step 4

Step 4: Work as volunteer.Mental health employment can be challenged by people taking the volunteering route first. in that they can choose to volunteer in an organization in order to help them get back into the world of work. Volunteering can also help people learn new skills and improve their self esteem and confidence, even though it may not necessarily lead to a full-time job. This may also broaden mental health employment when meeting future prospective employers in terms of experience earned and also the level of self esteem added to the mentally challenged person.

Step 5

If one desires to work in the mental health employment field, one can start by searching on the Internet. One of the websites one can go to is 

Tips and Comments

Also, communicate your interest in working in this field and prepare an appropriate resume then see what happens.

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