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Published at 01/24/2012 15:43:35

Buying a good tuner

Buying a good tuner is the best option to make sound of playing the guitar better. Other thing is that you can also familiarize is with which mixture of fret and string combines with which notes. Guitar tuner is available any place where guitar music or guitar is sold. One important thing you can keep in your mind is the tuning time and you have to make sure that the tuning room must be quiet, because the microphone of the tuner picks up sounds of others. A good mnemonic can easily recollect the arrangement of strings. You can try to build your own acronyms and that will help you to easily recollect. If the price of the tuner is high and you cannot afford, then you can try to tune guitar without tuner. A good tuner can easily teach you how to play guitar at the same time that makes the process of playing guitar easier.

Step 1

Learn guitar tabs

Learn guitar tabs is the basic steps of playing guitar. A guitarist must have their own style of music notation system known as guitar tablature. It is also called guitar tabs. The basic thought is that you should see at your guitar in the similar way as you see the tab. The string represents each line and the numbers says you the fret to press down while pulling that string gently. A good knowledge about the guitar tabs make the guitarist knows how to play guitar. A guitarist having knowledge about guitar tabs helps him to play guitar more easily.

Fingers place correctly

Fingers placed correctly on fret that helps the guitarist to play guitar easily and first of all you can place your fingers correctly that is the answer for how to play guitar. If you are a right handed player you can use your right side hand as picking and for fretting use your left side hand. Frets means the metal strips those run vertical to strings and you play guitar actually by pressing finger down among the strips of metal. For example, you set your finger upon the string in between the third and second metal strip when you play the third fret. You can hold down the string firmly because it vibrates only between the finger and hand. One thing you keep in mind is that you should play with your fingertips not play with your fingers soft part and if you are having the habit of growing of nail, must need to cut your nails otherwise that makes fret board scratching. If you want to produce a good noise set your finger nearest to the fret.

Practice chords and learn songs

Practice chords and learn songs are the final step to play guitar. Notes groups are known as a chord. You can have the capacity to practice the chords without losing rhythm and play guitar comfortably. If you are a beginner and if you don’t know how to play guitar, remember the most used chords firstly and that will help you confidently develop to play guitar. You want to play songs start with easier one. Songs with less chords and simple arrangements of songs will help you to play very easily. First you become a master of simple songs then going for complex songs playing will help you to play guitar more easily.


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