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How to play guitar hero?

Published at 01/27/2012 07:05:31


Guitar hero or hero guitar is a music based game available on different platforms like Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. In this game, you have to play a guitar instrument along with a song played by the game. If a person have a good sense of music beats, then it is very easy to play the hero guitar. In the game, the guitar instrument used to play the hero guitar is very much simple and easy to play then a real guitar. But the playing of the instrument becomes more hard in the high difficulty levels. Here are some techniques that can help you how to play a hero guitar game.


The guitar instrument used in the game is not an actual guitar but it have some features that makes it more similar like an actual guitar. Playing is not so much different than the actual guitar but also not very easy. Some of its features really makes it challenging. A real guitars have string and note on it. But instead of string, the hero guitar have a strum bar. The player have to push and drag up and down to play the guitar notes. There are five fret button on the guitar neck which are colored and can be identified easily. A small stick is present near the strum bar known as the whammy bar, it can be moved instead of extending the string to produce a sound.


Now it is time to connect the hero guitar and play the game. Turn on your television and console. Put the game disk in the console and run the game. You should use a memory card to save a game while playing. If you are playing at the first time and alone in a career mode, then you should start up with the beginner lever and easy songs. Don't pick up very hard and heavy metal songs. First you have to get used to the hero guitar to be ready to face the real challenge. Set the difficulty level to easy and start the game by pressing quick start option. If you find the difficulty level "easy" very easy for you, then you can change the difficulty level from easy to medium. Now while playing, whenever you hit a note, your bonus multiplier goes to 4x. But whenever you miss a note, the bonus multiplies is automatically reset to 1x. So try to play as accurate as possible to get used to the game.

Tips and comments

At the lower right corner of the screen, you can see a meter which will indicate the crowd's opinion about your playing. The needle will indicate that how much your playing did the crowd likes. So try to play more accurate so that crowd meter goes up and increase your bonus points. If you are playing the game on the easy mode, only the of the fret buttons are used to lower the difficulty. But with time when you get used to your hero guitar, you can increase the difficulty to medium or hard to face more challenge.