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How To Play Guitar World

Published at 02/07/2012 18:38:58


Guitar hero IV or guitar hero world tour or simply guitar world tour is a music video game developed by Neversoft and published by Red octane and Activision. The game is the fourth edition of the famous Guitar hero series. The game was launched in October 2008 in North America for play station 2, 3, Wii and X-box 360 and was later released in Europe and Australia. The game has proved to be the most popular of the guitar hero series because of its added features and graphics.

Step 1

The general layout of guitar world tour is similar to other guitar hero games. The players get a chance to step into the rock world allowing them to play out their favorite songs on screen. The player gets to choose a character a guitar and has to pass certain levels of difficulties to reach the end of the game. Guitar notes appear as frets on screen these frets are supposed to be played exactly at the point when they reach their respective destinations. The game also features the same scoring pattern, scoring multiplier and star power meter. The guitar world tour edition addition differs in its additional features which are absent in the previous guitar hero games. Contrary to the previous games of the series where the players could only play a guitar, in guitar world tour the players get a chance to play drums and to sing as well. On top of all that in this edition of the game the players also get a chance to make music of their own. Also instead of having four levels- easy, medium, hard and expert this game also has a beginners level aimed for those who have no experience of the game at all. In the karaoke feature the player has match vocal chords which appear as frets.

Step 2

Guitar world tour has two made, a single player career mode and band player mode. In the former the player gets to play any role in his band, be it a guitarist, drummer or vocalist. In the latter two or more players are supposed to play. In both cases players and their virtual bands are to play in various gigs, play and against rivals, earn money and pass through various levels of difficulty to become the ultimate guitar world champion. To become the champion you really need to practice hard on the game. If you have already played guitar hero games before it will not be hard for you to grasp the basic rules. If you guitar world tour is your first experience of guitar hero always understand well the tutorial and always start from the beginners level. The game may appear hard at first with all the frets falling down at once. But it becomes easy once you have mastered the beginners and easy level stepping into hard and then expert mode won’t be that hard.


How To Play Guitar World

Career mode is always better than the band mode. Also remember to finish all the 84 songs of the beginner’s level before proceeding onto next level. As the next level would have the songs, only the number and speed of frets would increase.

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