How To Switch From Bass Guitar To Guitar
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How To Switch From Bass Guitar To Guitar

Published at 01/31/2012 14:23:39


How To Switch From Bass Guitar To Guitar

It is important for a person to know playing some instrument in his or her lifetime, especially if one is inclined towards music it becomes very important for the person himself to know the intricacy of the playing and how the song was played. Playing the guitar is the most common thing adopted by people even though when it comes to choosing to play an instrument a whole large variety of instruments is present but people are most attracted to guitar also because it offers the most prospects for hopeful musicians as well. From bass guitar to guitar of simple style and technique is mostly opted for example acoustic since it adds more to the musical skills of the musician although playing a bass guitar is equally important and complicated, truly depicting the diversity of the players related to guitar.

Step 1

The bass guitar was designed in the year 1960 and was first devised in America, California where it was sanded and painted and then assembled ranging from four to six string. But the first electric bass guitar was first designed by a man called Leo fender in the fifties. The acoustic bass guitar is the most famous and the result of its gaining popularity goes to mtv unplugged for introducing the world to guitar.

Step 2

The difference between a guitar and the bass guitar is between its number of strings with the bass guitar having four and acoustic having six. Expert musicians having mastered the acoustic and other guitars thinking it is easy to play the bass guitar too are absolutely wrong. Same goes for people having mastered the bass and switching over to the normal guitar. First difference being of the strings thus position for the same notes will be different and they have to take beginners classes for sure. The styles and techniques obviously differ to the bass guitar playing and you will obviously have to practice them to make it perfect if you have decided to switch it. No doubt there are dozens of varieties ranging to guitar of the acoustic type, electric, jazz, classical etc but precision, perfection and practice should be the P’s that one should acquire for switching from bass guitar to guitar since the bass guitar is a completely different type of guitar differing quite significantly in the musician’s vocabulary and knowledge of guitars.


It is advisable that to make the switching easier one should take the beginners guitar lessons to master the complete art to guitar playing since bass guitar is very different to any other guitar, no matter how skilled and experienced the musician is. This way you will be able to play a lot more music and will ad to your skills and talents since bass playing is considered to be a very prestigious form of guitar playing. Tutorials are easily offered for free on website if thorough research is done and you can save up money this way instead of going over for personal tutorials from somebody.