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Who Are the Most Known Guitar Legends?

Published at 02/05/2012 01:19:59


There are many great guitar legends who are still very popular and well known. People still listen and are inspired by their songs. Here are some of the great guitarists off all time. Jimi Hendrix is one of the great guitar legends of all time. He born at 27 November 1942 in Seattle, Washington, US. He started playing with his group named "The Jimi Hendrix Experience". He became internationally famous after the release of his album "Are You Experienced". He was a great and influent guitar player. He was also the record producer and always like do different kind of experiments with different kind of music techniques with his guitar. He have a great contribution in the metal rock music industry. He is still widely consider as the greatest electrical guitarist in the musical history and still stays on the top of the list of guitar legends of all time. Some of his greatest hits are "Purple Haze", "Voodoo Child", "Fire" and "Hey Joe". Jimi Hendrix was a great influence for other great guitar legends like Carlos Santana.


After Jimi Hendrix, there is Jimmy Page who is also one of the greatest guitar legends of all times. Jimmy Page started playing guitar while he was 14 years of age. Despite of taking guitar lessons, Jimmy Page mostly learns the guitar on his own. First jimmy page started playing as a session guitarist. After that, he joined a band named "The Yardbirds" in late sixties. Later he joined the band Led Zeppelin where he played and became very famous internationally. Jimmy page also become famous for playing a double neck guitar. Jimmy Page inspired many great musicians like Eddie Van Halen and Johnny Ramon. "Kashmir" and "Stairway To Heaven" are one of the greatest hits of Jimmy Page with Led Zeppelin.


Slash is also one of the greatest guitar legends of all times. His real name is Saul Hudson. He was the former member of the rock band "Guns N' Roses". Later on, Slash left the band because of some controversies and in nineties he formed another band named "Slash's Snakepit". Later on, Slash joined the band "Velvet Revolver" with some of his former band members. Slash is one of the most famous guitarists worldwide and also considered as one of the greatest guitar legends of all times.

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One of the greatest and living guitar legends is Carlos Santana. Carlos Santana is a Mexican American guitarist you became famous in early 70's. Santana have a great contribution in introducing the rock salsa and the jazz fusion to the guitar music industry. Some of his great hits also includes instruments like timbales and Congas which are not generally heard in the rock music songs. Santana is mostly known for his melodic Latin and African rhyme music. He won 10 Grammy Awards and was listed number 15 in 2003 in the 100 greatest guitar legends of all times in the rolling stone magazine. "Moonflower" and "Europa" are one of the greatest hits of Santana's melodic sound tracks.