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How To Play Musical Guitars

Published at 02/07/2012 20:03:33


Learning musical guitars is one of the most challenging tasks one can ever embark on and also one of the most rewarding once you get the hang of it. When you improve day by day and learn to play your favorite songs on the guitar, you will love the thrill which will motivate you to continue playing.

Hiring a one-on-one instructor to teach you how to play musical guitars can be expensive and hard to fit in your daily schedule, especially if you have other commitments that you can’t get out of easily.

This, however, should not discourage anyone as there are very many learning resources online to help one learn how to play musical guitars. So for beginners, below are a few steps on how to learn to play musical guitars.

Step 1

The first thing is to always make sure that as a musician you know all the parts and accessories of the guitar. You cannot master what you do not know, so familiarize yourself with all the musical guitars parts and all the notes in the strings possess. Listen to a lot of songs so as to develop a good musical ear which will be valuable to you in your musical guitars learning journey.

Next you need to have some sort of plan on how to go about your musical guitars lessons. You cannot go about it haphazardly as you might get confused with a lot of information thereby eating into your valuable learning time. Assign any time of the day when you are relaxed and willing to learn to play musical guitars.

Step 2

Learn how to properly hold your musical guitars with your left hand on the strings and your right hand plucking the strings. Know all the series of the chords of the song you want to play on your musical guitars as each chord has it own fingering. Now practice how to play that chord by putting your fingers (on your left hand) at the right place for every chord and with your right hand strumming all the strings to play that chord.


Step 3

After you have learned the chord patterns of the song of your choice, you can proceed to play along to the rhythm of that particular song. Alternatively you can draw a diagram of a fret board to help you know where each note is on the musical guitars fret board. Practice playing single notes, which will help you eventually memorize and internalize where different notes are found on the fret board.


You can also get learning resources online such as practice books with written music which can guide you step by step until you will eventually be able to play whole compositions on your musical guitars.

One can also get some basic musical guitars chord charts and as you get better at playing you can go for the more advanced ones. The great thing about these guitar chord charts is that they are downloadable so beginners can download them and keep them for practice.

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