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Musical Instruments Guitar Lessons For Teenagers

Published at 02/06/2012 23:30:19


Recently a trend of many tall, thin teenagers with long black hair holding the guitar was sweeping online photo sharing websites. Proving to be the most popular choice in musical instruments guitar has been grabbing the attention of teenagers for a long time. The popularity is further helped by the fact of it becoming an elitist thing; knowing how to play the guitar gives you an edge in your circle of friends. Teenagers have been obsessed with listening to music and now, the trend of learning how to play the musical instruments guitar, particularly the guitar, is being set by an influential minority.


An ancient and noble musical instruments guitar history can be traced as farther back as around 4000 years ago. Many different claims have been made as to the guitar's ancestry, with many alleging that the instrument is a further development of the lute. However, further research brought to light the fact that the lute is a separate line of development, but it shares ancestors with the guitar and had no influence on its evolution. The ancient Greek Kithara is also thought to be linked with the guitar. From further research it has been agreed upon that Gaetano Vinaccia, a luthier in Naples, Italy, may have built the oldest surviving six-string guitar, in 1779. Guitars today are primary instruments in blues, rock, pop and country music. Inexpensive to own, easy to play and portable; some of the reasons why guitars have exploded in popularity, with people forming successful careers around the instrument today.


There is no limit to the options available to teenagers for learning the guitar. With a love for being independent, teenagers can utilize the vast potential of the internet as a learning resource for any musical instruments guitar, or the guitar specifically, if they choose to go with the flow. There is a host of websites that offer guitar lessons from scratch; familiarizing with the instrument itself, learning the chords, learning how to tune the guitar, and it goes on. Some websites even offer their services for free, and have dedicated video/ audio tutorials which would help any teenager with a passion to come a long way in guitar playing. Other websites charge a small fee, but offer a high quality and sometimes accredited music program. Apart from the internet, there are many music institutions scattered around the world, and one is sure to find a suitable one near one's place of residence. These institutions offer dedicated coaching and specialize in teaching music, meaning any teenager can hone guitar-playing skills in very less time. Professional coaches are available to help with any difficult bits and/or practice any hard-to-grasp concept.

Tips and comments

With the host of options available, it is really up to the learner to make the effort. With the internet offering free guitar lessons and the advantage of learning at one's own pace, and dedicated music institutions offering accredited programs with professional coaching, any teenager fostering a love for the guitar, or any musical instruments guitar, has no hindrance in their path. Self learners have bloomed into accomplished guitar players within a span of a year or two, and now benefit from the benefits that come with it; a sense of accomplishment, being idolized and improved self-esteem. A deft hand at any of the musical instruments guitar, particularly the guitar, goes a long way in eliminating any self-esteem issues teenagers have, and gives them an edge over their fellows.


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