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Musical instruments are much easier to acquire online like many other limitless items, thanks to the burgeoning development of online marketing. But, of course, keep at the back of your mind the shipping costs and possible customs and duty policies at play. As such, there are an enormous number of providers, both legitimate and illegitimate, to say the least. And, in order to avoid being swept under the rug with an insurmountable number of deal offers provided on the interweb, it is worth your while to spread out your cataloguing options for purchase on websites that offer sale instruments.

Step 1

As a start, in finding a sale instrument, look at a general list of what the student considers their ideal musical instrument. Knowing what your student’s interests are in terms of the category of instruments, i.e., percussion, wind (aerophones), stringed (chordophones), electronic (electrophones) or keyboard instruments – which are the generic categories, although there exist several others – is a plausible beginning. If they are perhaps not certain of the specific musical instrument category of interest, it is good to test the waters on some of the most common and affordable instruments, e.g., a flute, a harmonica, an acoustic guitar, etc. that are readily available in several local musical stores.

Step 2

These are often ad hoc and are especially useful for those students who are not quite drawn to one particular type of musical instrument and wish to explore. Music clubs can offer a vast variety of instrumental exposure to determine a birding musician’s preference and usually at an affordable cost if not free! They could also be a great source for obtaining instruments that are made affordable through a renting scheme. How better to know you enjoy this instrument over that, than to hear it and play it in a variety of ways and ambiences? This will help in deciding a good sale instrument for your student.

Step 3

While looking for a sale instrument, it is also good to conduct a type of mapping exercise of local musical stores, what they stock, and from where they source them. You may be able to gain direct contact to their suppliers too.

Step 4

Coming back to the online field now, the most commonly used online markets for sale instruments searching are the likes of Amazon and E-bay where you may get great deals for second-hand and, sometimes, new musical items. However, most stores today have their products available on their own website,s and some offer worldwide shipping services, which is by far the more reliable and secure means to obtain guaranteed goods. Such shops include Musician’s Friend, Zzounds, and Best Buy, to name a few.

Step 5

You find the most interesting items up for sale in the classifieds ads of many local newspapers – some even online. It is always good, however, to verify the source before actually committing to the purchase. Take a mate along to view the item in a public area, and you may just find that sale instrument for your student!


  1. Musicians, especially those who are upcoming, embrace a number of other arts to showcase their interests, for example, acting in musical plays. The wider the range of the arts, the greater the canvas the student can explore their personal uniqueness as a musician.
  2. If you haven’t noticed, musicians can be referred to as a ‘word-of-mouth’ oral or better yet, vocal community, and more importantly several deals ranging from instruments to gigs are advertised and expressed in this way. Get talking!
  3. Half the time you are looking for one thing, you may end up finding something else that catches your attention. Do not limit yourself, explore even at the least expected places, auctions, backyard sales, and just about any sale, and you find sale instruments that your student will cherish.

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