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Published at 03/28/2012 04:47:22


Take That is a popular British band especially in the UK but also in other corners of the world. They originally started as a group in 1990 but split up in 1996, after one of the members, Robbie Williams quit the band. However, they reunited in 2006 and Robbie Williams joined the group as well in 2010, recording an album together with them.

All that songs which have been released by Take That have become hits thanks to the attractive sounds combined with meaningful lyrics and the sex-appeal of all the members that were part of the band. Therefore, Take That had 11 number one hits and seven number one albums as well.

Some of the that songs that you might have heard of are represented by “Back For Good”, “Babe”, “Pray”, “The Patience” or “The Flood”. Each of them are catchy tunes that also reflect the music of the 90s which is often considered better than this decade in terms of quality that musical compositions are based on.

Take That Songs

If you’re looking for Take That songs, you simply need to go to YouTube and type “Take That” in the search box. A large list of results is going to appear on the main page, including both new and old videos, which have been released over the years. This band actually has its own account entitled TakeThatVEVO where you can view all your favorite videos from this band, listening to the beautiful melodies as well.

“Never Forget” is one of those take that songs that lifts you up, making you feel much more optimistic about life in general. This is one of the reasons why this band has received a lot of popularity over a time span, providing all the fans with beautiful music and a great deal of entertainment through their concert.

Take That Now

Take That has recently wrapped up their Progress tour after they’ve been to many different countries. Their tour came as a surprise for a lot of fans happy especially since no one thought that they’re ever going to go on tour again after they split up in 1995.

Except the wide-known songs such as “Back For Good”, “Babe” or “Never Forget”, the band also performed their new take that songs such as “The Flood”, “Love Love” or “Kidz”. Therefore, the tour was amazing and all fans were pleased to hear all the tracks performed by the complete group, including the charismatic Robbie Williams.


Despite the fact that they are now on hiatus, a new album seems to be rumored, however we will not know for sure until the band is going to come out with an official announcement. On the other hand, considering the fact that the band has now reunited, it’s very possible that they will release new songs and start another tour, considering the impressive success that their concerts had in many countries. So if you’re a Take That fan, have a look at the new videos and enjoy them until you hear a new song from the fun and entertaining group.


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