How To Find Disney Songs
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How To Find Disney Songs

Published at 03/06/2012 18:55:31


How To Find Disney Songs

Disney songs exist is every Disney movie that has ever been made. These songs may even get stuck in your head all day. Disney songs are easy for you to sing along to and are very catchy for children and adults. As a Disney fan, you may be interested in finding the songs and lyrics to different Disney songs that are out there. Because there are over 500 different Disney feature films, you will need to know the name of the movie that you are looking for Disney songs from.

Step 1

Open up your favorite search engine on your web browser and start a basic search for Disney songs. If you are simply looking for any Disney songs in general, you can enter in, "Disney song lyrics" as your search term. This search should come back with relevant results that will provide you with a list and lyrics to songs from Disney movies. is one website out of many that lists classic Disney songs. Some classic Disney movies include Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. You will be able to find songs from these Disney movies and more at STLyrics and other results from your web search.

Step 2

After finding a list of Disney songs that you like, you can click on the song name to find out more about it. Some websites will simply provide you with the song lyrics, so that you can sing along, and other sites may even offer previews of the song for you to listen to. Copy down the lyrcs to Disney songs so that you can sing along next time you watch the movie with your children.

Step 3

If you're interested in listening to Disney songs, you can check out YouTube for almost all Disney songs out there. Use the search box to search for general Disney songs, or type in the song title name. Your results should come back with clips from the movies where the song appears and even cover versions of others singing these Disney songs. Browse through your search results to find many different videos for your favorite Disney songs.

Step 4 is the prime place to find songs from Disney movies. When you go to this website, you can click music at the top of the page. You can then browse through the entire catalog of movie soundtracks to find Disney songs. Browse through the soundtracks alphabetically, by selected the letter that the movie name starts with. After finding the soundtrack, click on it to see all of the songs that have been in the movie. You can even preview the songs by simply cilcking on the play button next to the title. Songs are available to preview for 30 seconds.

Step 5

If you love Disney songs, you can even choose to purchase the soundtracks from the Disney website. While you're previewing your favorite songs, there is a link to purchase the CD. Click the link for more information on buying the soundtrack. With the CD, you can listen to Disney songs at home, on the go, and at your convenience.


How To Find Disney Songs

Save the lyrics to your favorite Disney songs so that next time you're watching the movie that it's in, you can teach your children the words.

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