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Published at 02/14/2012 13:38:54


The American economy is going downhill. The economy has been going on a downward spiral for 5 years now. Many people barely live paycheck to paycheck. Food prices and gas prices keep increasing and many people are unfortunate enough to pay for music and other entertainment. Many programmers have created programs for people to download free mp3 songs. You can download free mp3 songs on your computer hard drive and you can keep the songs on your computer forever. The best thing about the download free mp3 songs scenario is that the mp3s do not scratched or get damaged. If you have a scratched CD, you have to either fix it yourself or have a professional fix it or you have to replace the CD with a new one. With download free mp3 songs, you do not have to worry about damage. You have a couple of choice when you download free mp3 songs. You can download free mp3 songs from a program or you can go on a website that has music and you can download it directly to your computer.

Step 1

Download freeware. Freeware means software that costs nothing to use. Ares Destiny is the best program to download free mp3 songs. Why is it the best program? Ares Destiny allows you to download free mp3 songs, but you can download free software, free movies, free pictures and much more. Go to Ares Destiny's homepage and find the download link on that page. Ares Destiny is a quick and easy installation. Save the program on your computer and then install it. Follow all instructions on the installation wizard.

Step 2

Double-click "Ares Destiny" on your desktop. Ares Destiny asks you to create a nickname, so click "Yes" with your mouse or touchpad. Go to Ares Destiny's Control Panel and configure the options, if you want, but it is not necessary. Ares Destiny should connect once you enter the program. You have to have an Internet connection in order to download free mp3 songs on Ares Destiny. Once you configure all of the options, move your mouse or touchpad to the area called "Search". Click on that option.

Step 3

Click on "Audio" in the options. You have a choice of what you can download. Type in the name of the song and the title of the song you want to download in the search field and then click "Search". Ares Destiny is the best program because it has the best search engine. Many rare songs can be found on the program. The song you entered should appear on the right.

Step 4

Double-click on the song you want to download. You are taken to the download queue. The download queue tells you how long it takes you to download the song.

Step 5


Go to MelodyCenta's website. This site allows you to download free mp3 songs. Under "Start MP3 Search!" Type the artist and name of the song in the blank space and then press "Enter". Click on the song in the results and then click "download".


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