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All About Ringtones Phones

Published at 02/07/2012 23:46:43


All About Ringtones Phones

Telephones have been able to fulfill the communication gap of the world. Thousands of miles away, people are able connect with their loved ones something that was impossible before. A telephone is such a common device these days, we cannot fully appreciate what importance it actually holds in our life. First, telephones were only wired and the cellular phone was invented much later on. Today, due to the advancement in technology, a phone can be complicated enough to perform the functions of a computer system. Another attribute which these phones provide, is ringtones. Every sort of ringtone can be available in a Ringtone Phone. Music of every kind, in any language, can be transferred to a Ringtone Phone.


A telephone, basically, is a device which can receive and transmit voice through a receiver and a speaker respectively, at the same time. It is used to narrow down the distance so that people can communicate. This concept of communication was first given by Graham Bell, in the late 19th century. The concept of a cellular phone, however, arrived much late when the radio phones which had been operating in the Second World War were modernized into portable phones. A ringtone is a sound produced by a cellular phone. Normally, the ringing of a ringtone indicates any incoming call but ringtones phones are also used for many other purposes too, like music or alarms. Ringtone Phones come in a wide range and a lot of variety depending on the sound quality provided by the phone.


A Ringtone Phone's most amazing attribute is, any voice recording, of any sort, can be converted into a ringtone easily. Even a self recorded message can be adopted into a ringtone used for incoming calls or text messages. Due to the availability of Bluetooth in every other cellular phone these days, the transfer of these ringtones phones from one Ringtone Phone to another is easy and free of cost. The time consumption is also zero. Most of the music is transferred through Bluetooth these days. People can also buy these ringtones phones from various sources. According to a survey held by Fortune magazine, 2 billion dollars were spent on buying ringtones phones in 2005, and the amount has only been growing ever since. This makes one believe in the popularity of Ringtone Phones.

Tips and comments

Ringtones phones in cellular phones has not only increased the sale of these phones, but has also made music easily reachable to a normal person. People who had to buy CDs or Cassettes for music can now buy music online or transfer it through Bluetooth easily. Today, cellphones are used in the place of MP3 Players and iPhones. Ringtone Phones have made it easy for people ,who cannot afford music otherwise in the form of MP3 Players and iPhones. The disadvantage of Ringtone Phones is, there are health issues involved in the abundant use of these phones. There are radioactive rays emitted from such phones which might cause hearing or heart problems. Other than that, Ringtone Phones are an easy-to-use facility of the modern times.