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How to get ringtones free for cell phones

Published at 02/13/2012 02:06:11


Ringtones are sounds that can distinguish different calls on your phone. Most generally when you hear the term ringtones they are being referred to those for mobile phones.

Having separate ringtones on your phone is a good way to know without answering your phone who is calling for. It is good if there is a certain person you are looking to call you or maybe even someone you don't want to hear from.

You can find free ringtones in a number of places. Many websites provide the opportunity to download ringtones for use on your mobile device. Ringtones come in a variety of songs, just about any song you can find in ringtones to play on your phone.

Two popular websites on the internet for ringtones are Myxer which has many different ringtones available in mp3s in a mix of different styles of music from country, jazz, latin, christian and gospel, rock, pop, hip hop, dance, r&b and lots more. You can not only download ringtones for free but also there is the option to make your own.

Making your own free ringtones is great if you have a particular favourite song of yours that you want to turn into a ringtone for your phone. There are several places on the web that will allow you to do just this. All a person has to do is simply upload their chosen mp3 to the site to use for ringtones. The best part of all is that it is completely free so no more costly expenses in downloading ringtones to use on your mobile phone. Now you can custom make your own ringtones for free.

Zedge, another online website for ringtones, offers millions of free ringtones to its users. There are many popular categories to select free ringtones from chlidren's, electronica, country, hip hop, comedy, pop, rnb, soul, rock, sound effects and much more.

Another great source for finding free ringtones is Phonezoo. You can create your own mp3s as well as photos all with no cost or any kind of subscription fee either. Ringtones are featured in an array of categories from sounds, sports, miscellaneous, sound effects, music, humor, movies and tv and every day sounds.

Ringtones come in several different types. They are monophonic which is one note at a time, polyphonic which could involve several notes at once, truetone is a recording such as mp3 or AAC, Sing tone is a kind of ringtone that is created by putting together a recorded voice with a background track and a video ringtone is a video that is used as a ringtone.



Tips and comments

When searching for free ringtones for your mobile you will want to be sure that your phone is compatible and is able to accept new ringtones and not just the preset ones it has. There are three different ways to input the ringtones into your phone, one is by using a cable from your computer to your phone, another is directly on the phone with the melody composer, and finally by sending it to your phone via the airwaves.