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All About Ringtones Mp3

Published at 02/09/2012 06:01:13


Music can be enjoyed and listened to through many electronic devices. A prime example of one such device is the MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 is more popularly known as MP3. This electronic device allows music to be stored in a compressed form thereby decreasing its quantity. The MP3 has been used to make the human experience with cell phones more gratifying. Mobile phones are the ingenious human creation that have decreased distances and allowed us to communicate with one another with greater ease. With the arrival of mobile phones many new features have been invented to make the human experience more gratifying. One such feature has been the use of the MP3 to allow us access to numerous ringtones. The MP3 ringtones are also known as Truetones or Realtones.


Mobile phones are known to be first used in May 1996. The first mobile phones had a fixed number of standardized ringtones. These ringtones were built-in features of these gadgets. However, in 1998 mobile companies in Finland and Japan invented the tones known as “Harmonium”. These tones would enable mobile users to pick out their own ringtones. Now when the mobile phones ring, users are not bored by having to listen to the same set of ringtones. The problem with Harmonium ringtones was that while they played music, they could not play song lyrics. This changed forever in 2002 with the introduction of the MP3. With this development, users could set songs as their ringtones.


MP3 ringtones make the human experience of using a mobile phone more invigorating. Mobile users can select MP3 ringtones from a wide range of music genres. MP3 ringtones are also of excellent quality. Mobile users can download their favorite MP3 ringtones for free via internet. However, most websites only include the more popular songs. In case you do not find your favorite song on the internet, you can convert songs from CDs into MP3 using specially designed software such as Audacity or Lame. In addition to this, you can also purchase MP3 ringtones. These can be purchased through your mobile company. The main advantage of purchasing an MP3 ringtone is that there is a great variety of songs available. Aside from selecting musical MP3 ringtones, such as your favorite songs, you can also record and convert common sounds or noises into MP3 ringtone. A few examples of these include a gunshot or a person screaming.

Tips and comments

When using the internet to select MP3 ringtones it is best to insert specific keywords on the search engines, such as “jazz ringtones for cell phones” or “Indian songs ringtones”. This would enable you to find your desired ringtone faster. When purchasing MP3 ringtones it would be best to visit the leading and most popular retail stores. These have a larger collection of MP3 ringtones available. A good tip in this regard would be to purchase a number of MP3 ringtones simultaneously. In this way, you would be paying the bulk price and it would be less costly.