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How To Find Out What Song Is Playing on the Radio

Published at 03/18/2012 13:56:24


There is no doubt that this is the digital age but most of us who are over the age of 25 remember a time when this digital world we now live in was a fantasy. Never in out wildest dreams did we think we would have the state-of-art devices we use today for watching television, listening to music and communicating with our friends and family. Music, in particular, and the way we get it and listen to it has changed immensely in just a little more than a decade. 

Step 1

When you hear a song you like come on the radio, make sure to let the station play for a while after the song finished because they might announce what song it is and who sings it.

Step 2

You can always call the radio station and ask them what song just played. Make sure to take note of what time it came on and try to come up with a description of what it sounded like so they know what you are talking about.

Step 3

Use the Internet to search what song you are looking for on the top 20 charts and other similar charts if it sounded like a fairly new song. Often times, you will be able to listen to a few seconds of the song to see if you like it and go through the list to see if the song you are looking for is there.

Step 4

Take note of some of the lyrics in the song and do a search online for what song you are looking for or, even better, do a search on an online video site such as YouTube and sort through the results.

Step 5

Ask your friends and family if they know what song you are searching for based on your description. Chances are, at least one of them has heard the song and maybe did a search for it themselves.


Today, with the invention of online video, .mp3s, iTunes, satellite radio, online radio stations, and iPods, music has never been easier to get and listen to. It is now also easier than ever to figure what song is playing on the radio. There is no more need to record songs from the radio but this form of media when it comes to music will be around for a long time.



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