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Where To Buy Home Appliances

Published at 02/23/2012 17:53:30


When looking to buy home appliances, it is always good to do some comparisons on brands as well as prices. By doing comparisons on prices, you could potentially save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy home appliances. The best time to buy appliances are when prices are low, during holiday sales. Typically Labor Day has excellent appliance sales and stores are competing to earn your business. Black Friday also is an excellent time to make major purchases for your home appliances. If it is not a holiday or peak season for purchasing appliances, however there are several places that you can look to get a good deal on where to buy home appliances.

Step 1

If money is tight and you just can not see paying full price to buy home appliances the Goodwill is an excellent place to check out for buying appliances. Many times people may just get a new appliances and do not want to mess with selling so they just donate it to the Goodwill and take a tax write-off at tax time. This is a great way to save a lot of money and potentially get yourself a deal. When looking at purchasing an appliance from Goodwill, it may be hit or miss. Be sure to ask an employee if you can plug the appliance up so you can check it out before potentially purchasing the item. The employee should be more than happy to let you try the item out, especially with large items such as a stove, refrigerator, washer, or dryer. If they refuse, ask for someone in managment in the store or do not purchase because you do not want to waste money on something you are unsure of working properly.

Step 2

Check out the local newspaper and your local hometown craigslist for anyone looking to get rid of their old appliances. This may be a good way for you to buy home appliances for little to nothing and save yourself thousands off buying a brand new appliance.

Step 3

Look on EBay and see if you can score a deal! A lot of times people will put small appliances on EBay and will be willing to ship them for a small fee. Sometimes you may even run across larger items that are for pick up only. This is an excellent way to get a deal even if you have to drive a few miles. Wouldn't you rather drive 100 miles and save $1500.00 off a buy home appliances for your home.

Step 4

Check out your local used appliance shop for a good deal on a great buy home appliances. A lot of times people will take a broken appliance, and fix it with new parts and turn around and sell to make a profit for themselves. This will in turn give you a better deal when looking to buy home appliances.

Step 5

Once you find what you are interested in be sure to call and ask questions such as what year the unit was manufactured, when they purchased, if they purchased new and the serial and model numbers. Once you have this information get online and research for any recalls or potential issues that the appliance may have had.


Remember, if you purchase a used appliance be sure to bring someone with you who knows a lot about appliances and can check it out for you to make sure that everything works properly. If meeting a stranger off any site, be sure to protect yourself and take someone with you for your own safety and protection.


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