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Tips For Buying Women's Plus Sizes Clothing

Published at 02/25/2012 02:45:17


Finding the ideal pair of jeans, top or dress is difficult for women of any size. Finding the right clothing for any occasion doesn’t need to be made even more difficult for women's plus sizes clothing, they just have to know how to shop. Instead of spending hours in a department store and dressing room, you can find clothing to perfectly fit your women's plus sizes frame.  Use a few tips to make your next shopping excursion more enjoyable. You also don’t need to spend a fortune to look good either. Just shop smarter to create an enviable women's plus sizes clothing wardrobe.


Step 1

Learn your body shape to find the ideal fit for women's plus sizes clothing. For instance, many plus sized women sport a pear shape, which means their hip measurements exceed their bust measurements. Women with an hourglass shape have an equally proportioned bust and hips. Once you learn what your body shape is, you can learn what women's plus sizes clothing will look good on you.

Step 2

Women with pear shaped bodies looking to purchase women's plus sized clothing should wear pieces that accentuate their assets and hide their flaws. Stay away from tops that cut you right above the hip, as this will make your mid-section seem larger. Wear tops that are fitted instead of baggy to draw attention to your waist and bust and away from your larger hips. Three-quarter length sleeves look great on pear shaped women. They also cover your arms if you’re carrying weight in this area. Wear a-line skirts and wrap dresses to give yourself a flattering shape. Stay away from pleated or baggy pants to avoid making your hips and backside look bigger. Women's plus sizes clothing sometimes tend to have a more "baggy" look.

Step 3

Trying on clothing is the most effective way to find the ideal women's plus sized clothing fit. Try on different pieces to learn what shapes and colors look best on you. Once you discover the pieces that accentuate your frame, stick with these styles and colors each time you go shopping. It will make life less strenuous when you know what looks good on you walking into the department store. Women's plus sizes clothing normally have stores that sell this this type of clothing.

Step 4

Have your measurements taken before attempting to find the ideal women's plus sizes clothing fit. This is especially true when it’s time to shop for a new bra. An ill-fitting bra can cut a woman in all the wrong places and make her bust seem disproportionate with her frame. Head to a lingerie shop or department store to have your bust professional measured. This service is generally free and the saleswoman can also offer tips to find the right bra. These ladies are trained in women's plus sizes clothing.

Step 5

Spend the extra money to have your plus sized clothing professionally altered, especially if the garment is expensive. This is especially helpful if you’re having trouble finding your size at the store or if you’re petite or taller. Start a professional relationship with a tailor that knows your body shape and size. This person can offer more tips on what looks good on you. Having your clothing professionally altered also allows you to tweak items you already have in your closet.


Always take a friend or family with you for a second opinion.

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