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Trees Home Owners Love in Their Yard

Published at 03/12/2012 21:57:48


Trees have been termed as one of the structural components of the ecological unit. They are very important for human life as well. There are many reasons why you must plant a tree inside and also outside your home. If you have lots of home trees in your yard, they will provide you with shade. This comes in useful to its residents on a hot summer day.

Trees provide your courtyard a natural and attractive appearance. Moreover, they are very simple to take care of. Trees increase oxygen and reduce the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air. Besides this, they prevent global warming by eliminating the dangerous chemicals from the air that would otherwise destroy the ozone layer. Trees provide habitats for birds, pest-eating and pollinating insects and other small animals. Do not underestimate the worth of trees.


Trees have been a part of our planet Earth since hundreds and thousands of years. Trees were available in massive numbers throughout the Carboniferous Era and this helped in the formation of coal as well as oil deposits that are now in use. Planting trees on degraded land that is unfit for agriculture will not only help in improving the environment but will also relieve harvesting pressure on forests.


A house surrounded with trees has its own charm. To add vibrancy to your home, home trees must be grown. Some of the trees that can be grown within the four walls of your home are:

• Plants belonging to the cacti family are loved by many as well. It includes numerous diverse species like Christmas and Forest cactus. The desert category of cactus has thorns plus spikes all over its fleshy stem.
• Ferns are special plants having fragile leaves. They look excellent when grown amidst flower bearing plants.
• Home trees such as climbers are user-friendly and look alluring. English ivy and zebrine are some of them.
• Coleuses are pretty home trees with tiny leaves having yellow borders along with dark red surface.
• Money plant, they are grown in almost all households, for many people believe it brings in good luck.
• Many households grown medicinal plants too in their courtyard. Home trees like neem, eucalyptus, tulsi, are grown to keep insects and germs at bay.


Tips and comments

Trees help in conservation of the soil as the roots of the trees find and hold together the soil and prevent it from being eroded by wind and water. Growing home trees increases the aesthetic value of the house. Most of the cities do no have enough open space and trees around their dwelling units. Creating a small green pocket in and around the house ushers in freshness.

Planting of trees on un-utilized land around the house is a god thought. This is the only way we can raise green belts in urban and industrial areas as well as in arid tracts.


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