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5 Tips For House Training a Dog

Published at 03/13/2012 20:08:13


House training a dog can seem like a long process to accomplish, but the good news is any dog can learn house training. It is much easier to keep a dog from forming the problem to begin with, but a dog is a very smart animal and with some routine consistency you can have your dog house trained in no time.



Step 1

It is important to learn that when or if you catch your dog going inside of the house you should never scream at him or her. By yelling or screaming, the dog will think it is bad to go to the bathroom anywhere and may not even want to go to the bathroom in front of you outside because he may associate it with a bad act. This will make house training much harder than it should have to be.



Step 2

Your dog will not understand the difference in inside or outside, they may try to sneak away from you to do this deed due to thinking it is a bad behavior. Be calm and get your dog outside so you can praise him for going in the right place, but don't scare him from ever going to the bathroom in front of you.

Step 3

Restrict your dogs full access to your home when in the beginning stages of house training. Making the dogs environment much smaller will the dog less likely to go inside the home. This is the same process that people use when they are crate training a dog as well. Keep your dog with you because sometimes dogs want to sneak off to go to the bathroom.

Step 4

Quietly and gently praise your dog for going potty outside even if it is just one time. This would be an excellent time to give the dog a treat or toy of their selection. Once you see that you dog has gone outside you should always have a treat stored in your pocket and give it to them right then. Puppies especially have a very short memory span and by the time you get them into the house, they may forget why they are getting a treat. If they associate going outside they get a treat and going inside they do not, then they much rather go outside and get that yummy treat. It is very similar to potty training a child.

Step 5

Utilize a baby gate or dog crate when you are not home to give him a small area. If you are doing good about having your dog to go outside to the bathroom when you when you are home that is an excellent start. However if the dog decides to pees or poop when you leave your home is it defeating all of your hard work.



Always be consistent with your dog and be sure that you are using lots of praise while controlling the dog's surroundings and soon your dog will be begging you to go potty outside.

You should avoid the use of puppy pads as this teaches the dog that it is indeed okay to go inside of the home and is not really teaching them house training of any sort. This is designating a spot for them to go inside the home and is frowned upon.

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