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Published at 03/14/2012 06:53:53


There are many ways to get a great dog house. You can either build one or buy one from the store of your choice. Either way, you will be doing your beloved pet a favor by providing them shelter against the elements. If you are looking to buy a dog house they can be expensive, but well worth the money. If you are looking to build one then you need to do some planning to make sure you get the best materials and build it to stand the wear and tear.

Step 1

If you are set on buying a dog house then there are many places that you can look to find one. Stores like Home Depot or Lowes carry dog houses. Also, Walmart and almost any hardware store will keep them somewhere in their store. A dog house can also, of course, be found at most pet stores. These dog houses can range in price from less than a hundred to hundreds of dollars.

Step 2

If you are deciding to buy a dog house then there are a few things you will want to take into consideration. First, you will want to know the size of the dog house that you need. If you get one that is too small your dog will not be able to be comfortable in it. A good rule to follow is that your dog should be able to easily turn around and then lay down inside their doghouse. This will make sure that it is large enough for them and can protect them from the elements.

Step 3

Another thing youll want to consider when buying a dog house is the material that is made out of. Sometimes a dog house will be made of plastic. This is good for most conditions and most of these doghouses are already insulated against the cold and rain. Some doghouses however still come made of wood. These wooden doghouses need to be checked to make sure that they will not rot from constant exposure to rain.

Step 4

If you are going to build a dog house you need to make sure that you have planned it out properly. You will of course want to make sure it is still large enough for your dog and also made from the correct materials. If you are going to try and build an intricate dog house then you might want to consider getting plans. These plans can even be found online for free.

Step 5

If you are building a dog house you will also want to make sure you have insulated properly against cold and rain. This can either be achieved in the construction or by putting insulating materials inside the dog house. Straw works as a great insulator against the elements. Consider putting some inside the dog house when you are done constructing it. I'm sure that your dog will thank you on those cold winter nights.


  • Decide whether to buy or build.
  • Make sure the construction is sound.
  • Insulate as necessary.
  • Help introduce your dog to their new home.

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