Side Effects Of Anipryl in Dogs
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Side Effects Of Anipryl in Dogs

Published at 02/19/2012 06:25:35

What is Anipryl?

Side Effects Of Anipryl in Dogs

Anipryl also known as L-deprenyl, is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOi) commonly used for treatment of Cushing’s disease and canine cognitive disease in dogs. Anipryl is a prescription medication, the first and only FDA-approved drug used to control signs of canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome and to treat Cushing’s disease caused by a pituitary tumour in dogs.

This drug is available in 2mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 30mg and sold in 30 tablet blister packs.

Diseases that can be Treated with Anipryl

Side Effects Of Anipryl in Dogs

Anipryl is prescribed by veterinarians to treat dog diseases such as; canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome and Cushing’s disease.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome is a disease in dogs that is similar to Alzheimer’s in humans. Dogs with cognitive dysfunction syndrome, as they grow older may show signs of confusion, personality or other behavioural changes. Anipryl works by increasing the amount of dopamine (a neurotransmitter) in the brain and decreasing toxic free radical production.

A lower dose of Anipryl is used in treating canine cognitive dysfunction. Some dogs respond to the medication in the first few days or weeks of treatment, some may not show improvement until the second month. If no improvement is observed after the first month, the dosage is doubled for an additional one month.

Cushing’s disease is also known as hyperadrenocorticism is a condition that results when the body produces too much of a hormone called cortisol. This disease can be found in cats, dogs and horses, even in humans. It is more commonly found in dogs. Treating Cushing’s disease with Anipryl suppresses the adrenal gland’s production and release of cortisone.

Approximately 20% of dogs with Cushing’s disease respond to Anipryl. This prescription drug is given to dogs once a day for two months. Is no response observed in this time, the dosage is doubled for another month.

Side Effects of Anipryl in Dogs

Side Effects Of Anipryl in Dogs

The following are serious side effects of Anipryl in dogs: an allergic reaction such as difficulty in breathing; swelling of the lips; face or tongue; hives, restlessness, agitation, convulsions, uncontrollable or irregular movements and sweating. When these side effects occur stop giving Anipryl and seek veterinary medical attention right away.

Other side effects of Anipryl treatment include: vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, itchy skin, drooling, disorientation, or diminished hearing. Studies show that these are unacceptable side effects of Anipryl to dogs. When three times the recommended dosage was used in dogs, weight loss, dehydration, poor pupil response to light, and panting were observed.

Precautionary Measures of Anipryl Medication

Here are some of the things that you may need to remember when giving your pet dogs this kind of treatment:

• Give this medicine to your dogs exactly as directed buy your veterinarian. If directions are unclear to you, do not hesitate to ask your vet or the pharmacist to explain them to you. Make sure that you allow your pet to drink lots of water.
• If you missed a dose, give it as soon as you remember. On the other hand, if it’s almost time for the usual scheduled dose, skip the missed dose and take the next one as directed. Do not give double doses of Anipryl to your dog.
• If you overdose the pet seek emergency veterinary medical treatment the soonest. If you observe excitement, dizziness, hallucinations, weakness, seizures and/or nervousness in your dogs, these may be signs of overdose.

Our dogs are considered members of the family and must also be given utmost care and attention. Anipryl in combination of with care and attention might just help your beloved dogs’ live fuller and happier lives.



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