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Rules And Regulations Of England Football

Published at 02/03/2012 10:40:41


England football or also known as soccer is one of the premier and highly recognized sports in the entire planet. There are basically hundreds of professional and amateur football leagues in European nations such as Wales, Spain, England, Scotland, Italy and Germany. Several countries in Asia are also adapting to this compelling sport. Soccer is England’s national winter sport. English fans are extreme fanatics of this sport. Some of these individuals would even treat soccer as if it is a religion.


The origins of England football can be traced back to the golden age of the Roman Empire. Romans played a kicking game called harpastum, which is believed to be the ancestor of modern soccer. During the earlier developments of the games, referees will use cloth or handkerchief to control the flow of the game. Whistles were later introduced during the year 1878.


The Rules of the Football Association
The Football Association or FA was discovered during 1863 in England. The individuals in this association were the people responsible for the development of basic rules in soccer nowadays. Those rules were implemented to reduce physical injuries to the soccer players. Before those rules were implemented, players can charge and bump opponents with their shoulders. Players were also allowed to touch or handle the ball before those rules were written.

Expansion of the Game
The England football game was exported to other parts of the globe by several British Victorian settlers. The game became popular in countries such Argentina, Mexico, Italy and Brazil. Soccer would not have reached its success today without these British Victorian settlers.

Leagues and Divisions
England has four major professional divisions. The best division in the nation is called the Premier League, which is consisted of three relegations. The second best division is called the Football League Championship. The remaining two leagues are called Football League One and Football League Two.

There are basically twenty teams in the English Premier League. The other three lower divisions contain 24 football clubs each. The FA cup is contested every season, with the finals played at the Wembley station. All the teams in the four divisions are eligible for the Football Association Cup. Teams from various divisions will face each other randomly. The lower league football clubs will have a chance to play against the best teams in the elite English Premier League.

Prominent Football Clubs in England
Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are certainly the most popular England football teams. These football clubs are oftentimes called the Big Four due to their dominating performances in the English leagues and cups in the past few years. However, there are several upcoming football clubs that are becoming threats to these clubs. Football clubs such as Tottenham, Aston Villa and Manchester City are amongst their toughest competitors these days.

Tips and comments

Several football experts have stated that English soccer has its own unique and unforgettable style. According to these experts, the playing style in England is simply fast, direct and physical. Several English football clubs will change strategies and style of play in terms of physicality when they participate in other international leagues and cups. If you want to see a quality soccer match, watch England football cups.


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