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How To Wear Your Hair When Playing Soccer Games

Published at 03/28/2012 21:26:29


As we all know, soccer games involve a lot of running around and therefore hair that has not been worn properly can be a distraction to the player. Long hair that has not been worn properly can be blocking vision all the time as a result of falling in the face, and therefore one needs to take the necessary steps to keep the hair intact while playing games like soccer so as to avoid such distractions.

Step 1

In the event that you have long hair that goes past your shoulders, it is advisable that you put your hair in a pony tail. That will hold the hair back and prevent it from occasionally falling tin the face and thus blocking vision while you are running. You can hold the hair while playing games by using skinny and soft headbands so that they may not end up being heavy and be distraction too. You will also need to ensure that you have got barrettes or bobypins so as to pull back any extra hair that may still remain in the way even after using a ponytail to hold it back. Even after you have done that, it is important that you stay focused on the game and shun from messing up the hair because that may cause the ponytail and the pins that you have used to hold the hair back to come out and make it fall in the face.

Step 2

Another way to avoid being distracted by long hair when playing soccer games is by doing braids. That will hold all the hair together and prevent it from blocking vision. Some people do not like doing braids but it may be a good thing to do it occasionally when you have a game just for the sake of better performance in the game as well better results. After the game is over you can do away with the braids.

Step 3

Hair is good, for it is one of the things that make people feel good about themselves. If you have long hair and you do not mind reducing it so that it will not be a distraction to you then it is advisable to do that as long you are pretty sure that you are comfortable with that.  

Step 4

Short hair can still make you look stunning and you can also choose to reduce the long hair for the love you have for the game you are playing and the determination of getting the best results and therefore you will want to get rid of anything that might be a distraction. No wonder many women sport short hair while playing games. 

Step 5

All the styles for wearing hair during soccer games that have been mentioned above are applicable to both ladies and gentlemen. In other situations, a player may decide to use a cap to while playing games to hold the long hair from distracting during the game but that should be in agreement with the people that are in charge.


An example is football where you will find a goalkeeper wearing a protective cap to shield him from any harm, and the cap can be as well used to hold back the player’s long hair when playing such games. In short, Hair while playing games must be clippped or tied. 


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